13 Best Maybelline Eye Products

Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the face that can reform your entire look. You can give your eyes a dramatic look, a simple look, a smokey look and a lot of other looks, but you need to be equally careful about the quality of eye products that you use. Cheap quality products can damage your eyes and make them dry, flaky, dark, and can also lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Maybelline is a giant cosmetic company known for producing high quality cosmetic items. They offer a range of various eye products that can make you ten times more enticing, while keeping your eyes safe. So, let us explore the 13 best Maybelline eye care products that give desired results without harming the eyes.

1. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

This is an award winning eyeliner that sets in a single swatch. You don’t need to reapply it in order to get deeper black color, since this one has extremely dark pigments that give a precise and crisp finish. You can use this eyeliner as a kajal too. It is smudge proof and hydrates the eye skin without inflaming or drying it. It is waterproof as well. It stays on for more than 7 hours and is ophthalmologist and dermatologically tested.

2. Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow Trios

This amazing eyeshadow comes with three different shades in one pellet. It is available in various shades. This eyeshadow kit comes with a brush that offers clean and crisp finish. The eyeshadow is smudge proof and stays intact without a single crease for more than 15 hours. It is ultra soft and doesn’t feel heavy on eyes. It is an ideal choice for women who wear contact lenses and the ones who have sensitive eyes.

3. Maybelline 24 Hour Eyeshadow

This unique eyeshadow uses the concept of tattoo ink technology. It uses tattoo ink that offers solid and bold colors to the eyes. It comes in various shades. It is one of the longest wear eyeshadows for women who love dramatic looks. This gel based eyeshadow is super hydrating at the same time. It is creamy and it doesn’t smudge at all.

4. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow keeps you photo ready because of its high reflected color light intensity. It illuminates the eyes as soon as light falls on them, offering you a dazzling look. It is a multifunctional eyeshadow that is a boon for women who love smokey eyes. You can also use this eyeshadow as an illuminator to highlight your eyeliner and kajal.

5. Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Colossal Washable Mascara

This is a volume intensifying mascara that spreads evenly on eyelashes without forming any messy clumps. It is an amazing option for women who wear contact lenses as well. This mascara works more than just a basic eye makeup item, since it has collagen boosting power. It increases the volume of lashes by triggering the formation of new lash hair. It is very gentle and can be removed by simply washing it with water.

6. Maybelline New York Clean Express Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

This revolutionary makeup remover easily cleanses waterproof eye makeup. It doesn’t leave behind any residue or glitter. It is a non allergenic product that is very gentle on eyes. You need not to rub it. It comes off very easily in a single swipe. It is a hydrating formula that doesn’t tickle or sting.

7. Maybelline New York Master Prime Long-Lasting Shadow Base, Prime Plus Illuminate

This eye primer is extremely creamy and velvet soft. The eyeshadow and liner glide seamlessly. It holds the makeup intact and doesn’t melt or crack. It can last longer than most primers in the market can, and is non drying. It is exceptionally lightweight and covers freckles and bumps, giving an even base for a perfect matte finish.

8. Maybelline New York Brow Precise Perfecting Highlighter

This creamy non greasy highlighter has a brow precise tip. The angular tip easily glides on the skin and gives a perfect brow shape. It conceals imperfections and makes the eyes luminous. It perfectly sketches the brow area without drying the skin. It gives the eyebrows a tilted angular shape that looks amazing. It is long lasting and smudge proof.

9. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

This seamless concealer is oil free and lightweight. It offers sheer coverage to imperfections like freckles and dark circles. It is non comedogenic and fragrance free. It gives an opaque coverage to upper eye freckles and under eye dark circles without smudging. It doesn’t melt and lasts for over 8 hours. It is very mild and is suitable for even sensitive skin. It can be used on entire face. It also conceals acne marks, active acne bumps, fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and pigmentation.

10. Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Oil Free Makeup Remover

This is a one hundred percent safe and oil free makeup remover that removes eye makeup without hurting the skin. It is non sticky and leaves no greasy residue. It is non fragrant and doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. It can easily remove gel based mascara and waterproof kajal, without having the need to rub harder. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well.

11. Maybelline New York Expert Wear Twin Brow and Eye Pencils

These eye pencils are multifunctional. They can be used to sketch the brow highlighter, eyelashes, eyeliner and kajal. They are waterproof and naturally blend with your makeup. They can last for more than 7 hours without fading.

12. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner

This gel based eyeliner is highly pigmented. This waterproof eyeliner lasts for more than 12 hours without smudging. It is non runny and waterproof. It doesn’t crack and easily glides on the lids without cracking or creasing, in one single stroke. It is a crisp finish and intense oil free eyeliner that is safe for sensitive eyes as well. It doesn’t melt or crease even in heat.

13. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Kajal Eyeliner Onyx Rush

This super creamy eyeliner works as a kajal too. It is rich in essential oils and glides on the upper and lower lids without creasing. It doesn’t dry the lashes and lips. It is waterproof and can last without fading for more than 7 hours. It gives a dramatic look and can be smudged in the lower lids to get a smokey look. Its deep black pigments add colour in just one single stroke. It is non runny. Hence, it is a no fuss mascara.

These amazing 13 eye care products are more than just basic makeup items. They are one of the best items that are high quality and affordable at the same time.