12 New Ways To Wear Matte Nails

Matte nails are the trending nail art. All the girls want to beautify their nails with matte nail polish. Few girls just prefer matte polish for their nails. Rest of them want to keep matte as a base and want to have other arts done. Matte does not shine like the glossy shine polishes. Still, it is very attractive and loved by girls. The 2 ways to wear matte nail polish is either buy a complete set of matte paint or buy in the matte top coating and give a final touch to your regular polish. While there are plenty of ways to design your nails with the matte design, let us highlight the 12 different ways to wear a matte nail.

1. Embellished Flower

As the name implies, in this type of design flowers are drawn on your nails. There are 3 steps involved in giving that dashing look to your nails. Apply a matte nail paint as your base. Allow it to dry. Draw flower petals with paint with a glossy shade. Stick crystals on the flowers using glue based on the occasion.

2. Gold Splatter + Matte Gradient

Matte gradient makes use of 2 colors. Apply metallic polish on your nails. The matte gradient is applied using a sponge. After it is dried apply the darker shade on the top portion of the nail. Then using a straw make gold splatters the way you like. Differentiating a matte gradient with gold splatter gives you that heavenly look.

3. Sparkling Polish

Sparkles give that glow to your polish. It not only goes well with shine polishes it also looks great on matte polishes. First, apply the sparkling nail polish on your nails. Then apply matte polish on top of the sparkles. Matte combined with sparkles makes your nails twinkling like stars in the dark sky.

4. Matte Metallic

Usually, metallic colors like gold and silver shine as bright as the sun with regular polishes. Instead, people are showing interest on metallic shades with matte polishes. Try some innovative graphic designs on the metallic base. Minute graphic designs give a professional look to your nails.

5. Chrome + Matte

When you want to give your nail a special kick. Choose the Chrome plus matte style. Apply a chrome tape to the tip of your nails then apply the usual polish. Opt for a darker contrasting matte shade.

6. Matte Burgundy Nail Art

Wearing matte nails this way is very easy. Still, this is an astonishing nail art. The matte burgundy nail art is an elegant nail design. A lot of styles are integrated with this art. Wearing matte nails this way gives a wonderful appearance.

7. Konad Stamping

There a lot of nail-imprinting kits available. Konad stamping is one such readily available kits with pre-designed images. This can easily be printed on nails keeping matte polish as the base. Choose either contrast color or the same color to imprint using konad stampings. Nail imprinting is the recent trend.

8. Marble Matte

While dying nails with neon are one emerging trend means, choosing Carrara, the white and the gray marble design gives a realistic marble feel on the nails. Apply matte marble same as you do for a conventional marble art. Give a final touch on the nail edges with a brush dipped in remover. By doing this way your nails look blur. Then apply matte over this. There you are, matching your bathroom floors.

9. Ombre Purple Matte

Ombre means, to apply one color shade on another color. In general, the base color will be a matte white base. Then allow it to dry completely. Then using a makeup sponge draw fine lines with another matte shade, preferably dark shades like purple. The most important step is to press with a sponge at the end when it is still wet.

10. Glossy Tips

This is similar to a chrome + matte type. Just put a tape at the tip of the nails. Then apply the matte shade you prefer on the remaining portion of the nails. Unlike Chrome + matte where removing tape is optional. In glossy tips, you must remove the tape and apply glossy shade to give it a glittering look.

11. Monochrome Polka

Polka dots are placing round dots repeated forming a regular pattern. Monochrome polka is same color base and same color dots. First, apply matte base. After it dries using the same color glossy paint and keep dots in a regular fashion.

12. Matte Pastels

Apply pastels on matte is the trend always preferred by sportswomen. It is the right way to show the spectrum of colors on the nails. Matte Pastel is an exclusive way of wearing matte hues.