12 Natural Ways And Formulations To Treat Dandruff


The dead cells of the skin of the scalp that shed themselves are called as dandruff. The process of shedding is also called as flaking. Normal flaking goes unnoticed and is not cause of concern. In some people, because of certain triggers and chronic reasons, large amount of flaking occurs. Irritation and redness may also accompany the condition. Keratinocytes or the outer-cells of the dermis play a key role in dandruff formation. More than half of the human population that has crossed the puberty age suffers from dandruff at some point in life. Luckily there are many specialized shampoos and natural formulations that improve the scalp condition, reduce dandruff to negligible levels and ease any itching and redness that may accompany the condition.

There are many causes of dandruff and the condition gets worse during winters. The causes of the condition include dry skin (the most common cause), improper hygiene including insufficient scrubbing and cleaning of hair and scalp, improper diet, hormonal changes, weather, more/less than normal shampooing of hair, eczema, psoriasis, sensitivity of head skin for certain hair-care products and Malassezia (a fungus that resemble yeast).

Dandruff impacts adversely in both social as well as psychological ways. In many people it is a cause of lowering of self esteem and also causes lowering of confidence-level. A wide range of formulations are available for treating dandruff. There are also some natural formulations that are made using herbs and naturally occurring substances for dandruff cure. These substances have no side effects, are effective in preventing recurrence of the condition and also improve your scalp and hair condition in an effective and healthy way.

Here Are 12 Natural Formulations For Treating Dandruff

Almond Extract

Almond oil moisturizes scalp and improves upon red and itchy skin dermis layers. Natural formulations that contain almond leaf extracts are wholesome packages for reducing dandruff and improving hair and scalp health.


Rosemary Extract

Scalp infection caused by fungi and other microbes are cured effectively by Rosemary extract containing formulations. The oil has got natural microbial growth prevention properties. Formulations with Rosemary extract also cure the condition of scalp psoriasis, which causes dandruff in adults.


Apple Cider Vinegar

The white and annoying flakes can be treated by formulations that contain Apple Cider Vinegar. The dandruff stops to spread from the very first application of the vinegar and it also prevents the growth of other microbes in the scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Citrus Energizers

Citrus energizers are obtained from citrus fruits. They provide for strong and well nourished scalp and have abundant natural vitamins and minerals for the scalp’s better maintenance.

Citrus Fruits


Formulations with egg have loads of vital nutrients that improve the health of both scalp and hair and help you achieve faster relief from dandruff. Egg nourishment also reduces redness and itchiness in the scalp.


Yogurt Protein

The natural formulations that contain yogurt protein help thickening of hair. The protein nourishment also helps your scalp to have more strength so that dandruff formation is prevented.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best treatments for dandruff that is formed because of mildew (the whitish scalp coating formed because of fungal hyphae). The acids null the further growth of bacteria and cure your dandruff within a few applications.

Lemon Juice

Fenugreek Seeds

The seeds of Fenugreek are rich in nicotinic acid protein that is essential for repair of your scalp’s outer skin layer and to prevent further growth of dandruff. It also contains Lecithin that nourishes hair follicles and provide for shiny and healthy hair.

Fenugreek Seeds

Olive Oil

Formulations with olive oil (or direct application of the oil) clarify your scalp and provide for dandruff cure and prevention in rather less amount of time. You can use olive oil containing formulation at-least 2 times every week for healthier and dandruff free hair.

Olive oil

Neem Leaves

Neem leaves have anti-microbial properties and are an efficient cure for all kinds of microbes including the dandruff causing fungi. Treat your scalp and hair with neem extract containing formulation 4 to 5 every week for curing dandruff. You can use neem extract containing natural formulation regularly so that no recurrent episodes of the condition occur.


Aloe Vera

The formulations that contain aloe-vera extracts have anti-fungal properties that they derive from the miraculous plant. These formulations can provide fast removal of dandruff. Aloe-vera has also many skin care benefits and is efficient for improving the condition of scalp.

Aloe Vera


Natural formulations containing Goldenseal have Berberine (a substance found in goldenseal herb). Berberine has strong anti-fungal and antibacterial action and kills any fungus growth that may have occurred on the scalp. The formulation provides relief from the dandruff and improves the condition of hair and scalp in only a few applications.