12 Effective Ways To Remove Cold Sores Overnight

12 Effective Ways To Remove Cold Sores Overnight

Cold sores, herpes labialis, whatever you call it, is a very peculiar and uncomfortable viral infection caused due to the contraction with herpes simplex virus. While it can actually hit any part of the body, the worst affected area is the lips. And people usually complain of having contracted cold sores on genitals. This is basically an attribute of touching the genital area while your hand is still covered with the virus. It isn’t usually easy to recognize the attack of herpes simplex virus, because just like other viruses, its first symptoms are that of cold and fever. It is only if you feel a painful bump accompanying other symptoms that you should be giving a serious thought to having cold sores. And if you already have them, try the below listed 12 ways we have compiled for you for overnight relief from cold cores.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a vital essential oil that belongs to the class of most powerful antiviral agents. Simply use cotton balls and dip them in unadulterated tea tree oil.[1] Gently press it against the cold sore on the epidermis. This will substantially reduce the phenomenal size of the blister from its first use itself. However, remember that tea tree oil is a topical cold sore remedy only. Which means, you cannot use it for the sores inside your mouth.

Tea Tree Oil

2. Ice

Just as odd they appear to be, cold sores are equally painful, itchy and inflamed. Ice is thus one of the best rated cold sore foes. Its high effectiveness is due to the fact that it can hamper the occurrence and culture of the herpes simplex virus in the first hand.[2] When ice is used, hygienically, against the small still-developing blisters, the conditions for virus culture reverse. Which is why, the virus becomes incapable of grooming anymore. Simply using this technique for about 20 minutes can actually remove the cold sore blister overnight.


3. Ginseng

Native to cold areas as that of North America and Northeast China, ginseng has been known for its health benefits since ancient times. Since it is bundled with powerful antiviral photochemical antioxidants including ginsenosides, it is an effective overnight cold sore ailment. It is completely edible, which is why it works equally well for cold sores all over the body. Doze curtailed to as low of 200 mg a day, starts working from the first use, reducing pain and blister size easily[3].


4. Garlic

It wouldn’t be wrong if you rate garlic as a rare and super powerful cold sore remedy. This is because, it works as a trial: antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal agent. In case you suffer with a cold sore on epidermis, it is best to use an amalgamation of vaseline and garlic. Vaseline serves as a wonderful base that offers solid grip to garlic, letting the skin absorb as much garlic juice as possible.[4] And in case the cold sores have affected your mouth from inside, eat raw garlic, gargle with garlic juice, or just press a garlic slice against the cold sore. The best deal about garlic is, its multi powerful antiviral capacity not just helps in removing any existing blister promptly, but it also destroys the cold sore virus completely, so that the problem is solved fully.


5. Lemon Balm

This is one of the rare medically proven overnight cold sore remedy that offers prompt relief. Its herbal solution, when made freshly, should be applied on the epidermal cold sores as many times a day as you feel pain, itching or burning. Simply drop few slices of lemon balm herb in water. Flame the water till it reaches the boiling point. Apply cool on the infected part of the face/body[5].

Lemon Balm

6. Licorice

Being rated as a strong antiviral medication globally, licorice effectively cleanses the skin of cold sore inducing virus [6]. More of all, it works as an overnight remedy, because alongside being antiviral, it is anti-inflammatory too. Thus, it starts working towards easing blister size, pain and itching from the moment it is applied.


7. Honey

Honey is not just a healthy sweetener, it is also a strong bacterial and viral foe. It can be used on epidermal cold sores as well as the ones inside the mouth. When applied for the first time, it causes pain and burning sensation. This is because, enzymes in honey start attacking the herpes simplex virus from the go itself. Also, if the blister has yet not surfaced properly, honey’s application will destroy the virus much before it even cultures. As a result, cold sore will be subsided naturally[7].


8. Lemon Juice

Fresh lemon juice is a house of various antiviral and antimicrobial acids and antioxidants. Which is why, it is a strong cold sore ailment. You should ideally be using clean cotton to wipe cold sores multiple times a day. Epidermally or within the mouth, holding the ball against the blister irritates viral culture, killing them altogether. Lemon juice offers speedy recovery, because it detoxifies the infected skin to put a stop to any further viral culture [8].

Lemon Juice

9. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is a superb overnight way of reducing cold sore blister and the pain it causes. Usually, viruses need alkaline or basic conditions to multiply rapidly, but lavender oil shoots up the acidic pH of the skin that kills all existing bacteria. Its topical application start working from the very first time.[9] It can also be ingested safely. For within the mouth cold sores, you can customize lavender essential oil for early pain reduction. And to increase the power, you should make a potion by mixing lavender oil, squalane oil and tea tree oil in a perfect ratio of 3:½: 1 drops. It will remove pain and blister bumps overnight.

Lavender Essential Oil

10. Baking Soda

Baking soda solution makes one of the best mouthwash potions for overnight reduction of cold sores. All that you need to make this potion is water and baking soda. Heat the two and gargle your mouth with it properly. Using it two times a day is all that’s needed to get over even with dormant gone herpes simplex virus, that keeps becoming active again and again, resulting in recurrence of the infection multiple times[10].

Baking Soda

11. Coconut Oil

Unadulterated Lauric acid traces from coconut oil is one of the safest ways to get over with herpes simplex virus. Lauric acid is antiviral and has the power to seize the formation of the blister in the first hand by removing virus supporting alkaline conditions. Other than not letting the sore to form or settle in, it is also used to disinfect the virus hit area that starts reducing size, pain and inflammation of the blister promptly [11].

Coconut Oil

12. Milk Compress

A warm milk compress solution is what is needed in case of acute and severe cold sore. Start by applying cotton balls soaked in warm milk, preferably whole milk, on the sore.[12] After letting it rest on the sore for 15 minutes, wear it off using warm water and follow the same every one hour.

Using the above listed exclusive ways, you’ll eventually be left free of cold sores completely.