12 Easy And Effective Hacks To Make Your Nail Paint Last Longer

Effective Hacks To Make Your Nail Paint Last Longer

One of most common makeup problems is to make your nail paint last longer. We invest a lot of time in getting that perfect shade of nail paint, with multiple coats and the very next day the nail paint starts chipping off. It not only makes the nails look unmanaged, but also demands the nail paint coating session again. Nonetheless, here we have listed some easy hacks for you that can make your nail paint last longer. Have a look.

1. Coat The Nails With Proper Base Coat And Top Coat

A proper foundation and a proper finish touch is the most important part. Before you begin painting your nails, apply a base coat. A base coat can contain proteins, vitamin E and calcium and other ingredients that enhance the health of hair. It is an important step, as the base coat also prevents the nails from yellowing. Top coat is essential because it hardens as it dries and hence prevents the nail paint from scratches and chipping off. It also imparts a shiny and glossy look to the nails.

2. Hydrate The Nails

Just like your skin, your nails need hydration too. Different kinds of nail oils are available in market that you can use to hydrate your nails. If you don’t want to invest in nail oils, petroleum oils are a good way to keep your nails hydrated.

Hydrate The Nails

3. Seal The Tips Of Nails

Whenever you color your nails, paint a bit along the top edge of the nails. This will secure the tips of the nail paint and prevent it from the chipping off.

4. Allow Ample Drying Time

For each coat, even the base coat and top coat, and the nail paint allow enough time to dry. You can check by gently touching the painted nails. A smudge or tackiness indicate that your nail paint needs more time to dry.

5. Use Thin Coats

We often use multiple coats to get that perfect shade. Applying thin coats enables quick drying and hence a perfect finish can be attained without waiting for long.

6. File Your Nails

File your nails before painting. This will remove the brittle structure along the edges, increasing the span of nail paint.

7. Avoid Painting Cuticles

Painting cuticles along with nails is the most common mistake. The cuticles tend to break the nail paint coat, weathering it off.

8. Roll The Nail Paint Bottle Before Use

Roll the nail paint bottle before use. We tend to follow the instruction shake well before use to mix the upper stagnant layer with rest of the nail paint. However, rolling the nail paint bottle is equally important. Rolling makes the bubbles dissolve. This is necessary so that you do not paint bubbles on your nails which allow air gaps that chips the nail paint faster. It also gives a non smooth painting effect.

9. Use Gloves For Household Work

While doing any house hold work that includes the use of warm water, wear gloves. This will protect the nail paint from washing off.

10. Clean Nails with Nail Paint Remover Before Applying Nail Paint

Always clean your nails with nail paint remover before beginning the nail paint process. Even if you are not wearing any nail paint already, it is a good habit to clean nails to remove excess oils and dirt from nails.

11. Protect Nails From Sunlight

Protect your nails from direct sunlight as you protect your skin. Sunlight damages the nail paint, that’s why they are suggested to be stored in cool and dry place.

12. Avoid Alcoholic Hand Products

Avoid using hand washes and other products that contain alcohol. Alcohol is chemically isopropyl which is an cleaning agent , used in mild nail paint removers.