12 Best Keya Seth Products For You


Keya Seth is a well known name in the cosmetics industry which has a wide range of beauty products for you. It uses the ancient treatment of aromatherapy for different problems of skin and hair. It has skin care products for particular problems, Facial kits, Daily skin care range, Hair care and maintenance products. You can easily found the products from keya seth in any leading cosmetics store in an affordable price.

Here Are The List Of  12 Best Keya Seth Products For You

1. Tetra Skin Whitening Cream

If you have dark skin complexion then this skin cream will be ideal for you which makes your skin extremely fair. It penetrates in deep of your skin, nourishes it from inside and gives you 4 times more brightness. The special property of this cream reduces melanin production of your skin and regulates the production of melanin in your skin.


2. Tetra Skin Whitening Serum

Do you have patchy uneven skin tone? It naturally removes the patches and dullness of your skin efficiently. For best results use Tetra Skin whitening cream with this product.


3. Tetra Skin Whitening Conditioner

This skin care product is ideal for dry and rough skin. It keeps your skin soft, smooth and glowing naturally. This skin whitening conditioner retains the moisture balance of your skin. For quick and best results use Tetra Skin Whitening Cream and Tetra Skin Whitening Serum with this product.

4. Oxy De Tan Pack

If you have a sun damaged tanned skin use keya seth aromatherapy’s OXY DE TAN PACK to remove the tan from your skin naturally. It contains pure essential oils of carrot seed, saffron, lavender, neroli and patchouli. It brings back the natural brightness of your skin in few minutes. It removes tanning of your skin naturally while making your skin fair and soft.

5. Dark Circle Removing Cream

This cream contains natural benefits which is ideal for the tender area under your eyes. It removes the black spot and dark circle under your eyes. It also removes fine lines and under eye puffiness. It is rich in the goodness of natural almond oil which makes your under eye area free from dark circle.


6. Stopage Cream

Stopage cream is a brilliant anti aging cream which prevents all the signs of aging from your skin. There are few reasons which are caused for aging such as free radicals, DNA decay & rejuvenation, cell clock, central clock system, glycogen bonds and metabolism in Mitochondria.


7. Hair Milk

Many of us do not want to use oil in our hair as it would make our hair sticky and thus we may not do proper style for our hair. For those people Keya Seth aromatherapy brings a new product named Hair Milk. This amazing product contains the benefits of essential oil with Milk Protein hydrolyzed power. Keratin get regular nourishment and your hair became soft and lively. So, keep the nourishment and style in same time by using Hair Milk.

8. Hair Spa

Do you want to do a hair spa but have no time to go to the salon? Don’t worry. Here is Hair Spa from Keya Seth’s aromatherapy. Hair Spa removes the dryness of your hair and provides nourishment from root to top. Now do hair spa in your home for soft, smooth and bouncy hair in few minutes.


9. Aromatic Spa Hair Serum

Aromatic hair serum contains vital essential oils like lemon, orange, rose, lavender etc. It cures dry and rough hair. If your hair is got damaged and brittle due to parming, straightening or coloring then it is ideal for you, as it makes your hair lively. This superb hair serum brings back soft and smooth silky hair.

10. Envie Gold Facial

This is a home facial kit which makes your skin effectively bright and glowing. It is made with pure 24 carat Gold. It has 5 special treatments which prevents the damage of your skin due to oxidation. It keeps your skin youthful, smooth and glowing for ever.

11. Alopex Penta

It is a revolutionary product from keya seth. If you do not get result in any treatment for your hair fall problems try this superb product. This oil free hair fluid stops hair fall, helps in growth of new hair and builds each hair strands strong and long 5 times quicker than any other product.

12. Shine & Silk Color Retaining Shampoo

This is a great herbal shampoo for you if you have a colored hair. It contains different important herbs and essential oils. It is ideal for the colored hair and the damages due to it. Keeps the hair color as usual, prevents dryness, prevents to be rough and also prevents any type of damage to your colored hair.