11 Smart Tips That Will Change Your Beauty Routine Forever


Are you tired of that beauty routine that everyone seems to follow, but you really don’t have time for? Well, the trick here is opt for smart beauty tips that work in the long run rather than going for elongated beauty procedures, which take forever, but don’t really provide results.

Here Are Some Of The Smartest Beauty Tips That Will Change Your Beauty Routine Forever

 Face Wash – Not Soap

Don’t opt for soap when there is face wash easily accessible and available. A good face wash does more than just cleaning the face. It stimulates the cells, provides nourishment, takes care of your skin woes like getting rid of oily skin, etc. On the other hand, soap will dry out the skin, contains harsh chemicals and really serves no long term purpose. So switch over to a face wash.

face wash

Face Wipes

Smart women always remain spec free, even on the go. Thankfully there are tons of products available out there like face wipes. Pick one that suits your skin type, like dry or oily skin. Not leaving skin dirty for long means that half your skin problems are sorted. So just clean up anytime and be free from skin woes.


Sun Screen

Another best friend that should always stay in your bag. Sunscreen is the best way to avoid wrinkles, dark skin problems, pigmentation and of course aging. Keep reapplying 2-3 hours even when indoors. As a rule of thumb, make sure that your sunscreen is applied 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. This smart tip will save you skin trouble and keep you looking younger and healthier.


Mineral Makeup

Move over chemicals, it is time to get some mineral makeup. Think about products that nurture and provide the skin with minerals instead of pure chemicals. Not only are they easy to use, you also save up on costs because you get a healthier skin for a long time. Think kohl pencil, lipstick and mineral powder (including a blush) and you are done. No need for anything else.


BB Cream

This is a complete beauty cream when you really don’t have time for anything else. The BB cream is like a foundation, cream, and a sunscreen all in one package. So you just have to apply one instead of 3. Now that is a smart move for the girl on the go.



Milk based or even gel based cleansers are available in the market easily. All that you have to do is ensure that you wipe off all that makeup and dirt, before you go to bed. Not doing so will mean that your skin cannot breathe properly and hence it will choke. This means build up of dirt along with other skin woes.



Get hold of a scrubber that you can do once a week. Another alternative here would be getting a scrub based face wash. The exfoliators in these washes really help in getting rid of deep blackheads, whiteheads along with impurities. You also get glowing and healthy skin.



Once in a fortnight or at least a month, go for a facial. The facial or face spa is a routine that will let you pamper and relax. Sure you can do it yourself at home, but nothing like laying down on a bed and forgetting about all your worries. This is a lengthy treatment that takes at least an hour. But the results are amazing. Highly recommended for all the girls above 30.


Diet Changes

Without the right diet, not even the best of the beauty regimes will work. For starters, you need to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water. Say no to more of fried and greasy foods and yes to foods like fresh fruits and veggies. Switch over to green tea or have less of coffee. Drink occasional alcohol and opt for healthier smoothies when possible.

Drink  Water


The secret to smart beauty is also about living smart. You should make sure that you exercise at least 3-4 days a week. Doing so helps in getting rid of toxins from not just the face but the entire body. What you don’t know is that exercising also helps in skin rejuvenation and keeps you looking younger and healthier. Remember that beauty is not just skin-deep. If your internal organs are not functioning properly, there is really no way that you will get that glow. So here’s to a slimmer and gorgeous you.


Sleep 8 Hours And Get Power Naps

Another well kept beauty secret is that you should sleep more. 8 hours in the night is a must and apart from that, take a 10-minute power nap during the day. This kills the stress, dark circle issues and other skin woes too.