11 Reasons Why You Are Unable To Loose Belly Fat


Are you suffering from large sized belly? This is a result of accumulation of fat mostly called as visceral fat around the abdomen that increases the size of your stomach. This increased stomach can be very dangerous for your health. Sometimes every after following a good exercise routine and diet plan we fail to reduce our stomach flabbiness then there can be some other reasons like genetics, hormonal irregularities etc. behind it that one must need to consider.

We Will Throw Light On Eleven Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Belly Fat.


With increasing age, a person gains weight just by eating little calories rich food. Earlier body used to put these extra calories in the development of body but as you have grown up these extra calories gets accumulated in the form of fat. People with more age also suffer from reduced metabolic rate due to which body is not capable of digesting the food completely and undigested food gets stored up on the walls of the body as fat.


Missing Exercise

Cardio exercises like cross trainer, running, jogging, aerobics, cycling, swimming, jumping stairs, crunches etc. are very good for good health of your heart. Your heart pumps at a fast rate and oxygen flow increases to your heart region. These exercises should be done vigorously to make impact on abdominal muscles and burn fat successfully. An exercise should not be just limited to cardio exercise but also include few hours of strength training, also called as strength training. Strength training is very helpful as it develops your muscles using your body fat. The best part of strength training is that your calories keep on burning the whole day and not the till the time you exercise.


Junk Foods

Eating junk food is not good for health. This has been the significant cause responsible for getting belly fat. Exercise won’t work if you go on consuming refined food items. Instead of these foods, one must eat fibre rich foods, multi grains, fruits, vegetables, green tea, that has loads of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities that reduces belly fat to a large extent.

 Junk Food

Consuming Bad Cholesterol Rich Foods

Increased consumption of saturated fat, monounsaturated fats, transfat etc. leads to excessive accumulation of fat especially in the abdominal area. Eat foods that lower bad cholesterol level and provide healthy fats to the body.

high Cholesterol

Low Intensity Workout

To reduce stubborn fat your exercise regimen has to be intense and very hard such that it leaves you with sweating body and pumping heart. Climb ladders without breaks with weights, run for two miles without break and increase the distance with regular intervals of time, pilates etc.


Adopting Wrong Exercises

Your exercise should focus on removing the excess fat deposited around the stomach area. Right type of functional exercises that targets your core muscles such as abdominals, spine region, pelvic region, oblique region. These exercises use more number of muscles that leads to higher rate of calorie burn. One of the best exercises in this regard is Planks which is ideal for strengthening core muscles like arm, abdomen,calf, leg and hip muscles.


Stressful Life

Stress leads to increase in stress hormone named cortisol which is directly related to visceral fat and enlargement of fat cells. This leads to fat disposition around the abdominal area.


Inadequate Sleep

Eight hours of sleep is very important for your health. Failing to do that can give rise to dull, tired, lethargic and over-weight body. A good sleep release hormones that help to maintain adequate health including body weight.


An Apple-shaped Body

An apple shaped body is characterised by thin body with all fat stored in the area of stomach region. If you are having such kind of body then it can also be due to hereditary and genes. Removing fat from belly region is not going to be easy in such cases but with sustained and dedicate efforts every goal can be achieved.

apple shaped

Existing Ailments

If you have suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes or thyroid then it has been observed that you have to work put in extra efforts than required to lose belly fat and weight.


Lack Of motivation

Any goal whether it is fitness or any other goal requires motivation and determination. Get motivated and stay motivated to lose your belly fat and make it absolutely flat and tight.


It is always possible to get back into shape but with lots of discipline and healthy lifestyle. If you love your body then you should definitely work hard to keep it fit and healthy.