11 Basic Hair Care Tips For Rebonded Hair


Rebonded hair looks beautiful and there is just no doubt attached to it. If you have rebonded hair then you should take care of it because of the side effects attached to the process. A lot of chemicals are used for the process of rebonding and hence, your hairs are damaged. While rebonding your hair, lot of pulling and dragging takes place and this leads to weakened roots. You should take care of your hair properly after rebonding so that you can keep problems like hair fall, hair thinning and baldness at bay.

Basic Hair Care Tips For Rebonded Hair

Avoid Shampoo For Three Days

After rebonding, for next three days, you should be very careful so that you can acquire the shape that your desire. If you do rebonding and continue with the same old lifestyle then you can be rest assured that rather than having beautifully straightened hair, you will end up with some weird hair shape. Don’t shampoo or wash your hair for next three days. If you think that you can get rid of the grease immediately then you are wrong. If you wash your hair immediately then the chemical applied on your hair to straighten your hair will be washed off and hence, your hair will regain the old shape. This means that you cannot swim as well.


Tying Your Hair

You may be irritated with the greasy hair but you cannot tie it for next three days. If you tie your hair then the places where the rubber band or the clip was placed will look different. You cannot even place your hair behind your ears as it will acquire that particular shape.



Sleeping will also be a pain for you, for next three days. While sleeping, ensure that your hair is straight and at the same time, it shouldn’t come beneath your head or face. If you sleep on your hair then be ready to waken up with the weirdest possible hair shape that you can think of.



You can shampoo your hair after three days. From now on, ensure that you condition your hair for few extra minutes. In the past, you might have left the conditioner on your hair for two odd minutes but from now on, leave it for five minutes so that the conditioner can work on your hair.


No More Styling

After rebonding, ensure that you don’t do any more styling for at least next six months. Keep your hair away from coloring, streaks and highlighting. Your hair is already enough damaged and exposed to chemicals so doing these things will increase the hair fall problem further.


Split Ends

Many of you all may be under the impression that split ends don’t come on rebonded hair but you are wrong. Ensure that you trim your hair at least once in every eight weeks so that you can keep split ends at bay. If you are ignorant of split ends then the split ends will travel to the roots of the hair and hence, your hair will be damaged further.

Split Ends

Cold Water

At any point of time, don’t use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water strips the moisture from your hair and hence, your hair becomes dry. Dryness will lead to scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff.


Deep Scalp Cleansing

After seven days, use a deep scalp cleansing shampoo so that all the accumulated dirt and chemicals can be washed off from your hair. If the chemical is left on your scalp for longer then it will lead to problems like itching and dandruff. After every fifteen days, you should use a scalp cleaning shampoo that can help your scalp to stay clean.


Wooden Comb

You should use wooden comb and avoid plastic comb at any cost. Plastic comb creates static on your hair and hence, it can lead to problems like hair breakage. With the help of wooden comb, you can also keep frizzy hair at bay and hence, hair breakage can be avoided to a great extend.


Cover Your Hair

At all point of time, you should protect your hair from various environmental factors. If the sun is shining above your head then you should cover your hair with a scarf. If it’s extreme winter outside then don’t forget to wear a hat and if it’s raining then you should carry an umbrella with you.


Serum Or Leave In Conditioner

Serum or leave in conditioner can form a barrier between the external environment and your hair. It is very important that you safeguard your hair from the harsh rays of sun so this task is well taken care by a good serum or leave in conditioner.