10 Ways To Lose Weight From Cheeks

10 Ways To Lose Weight From Cheeks

Losing weight from cheeks is one of the most complicated tasks to achieve. You may end up losing weight easily from your complete body with various diet and exercises, but losing the chubby cheeks is almost an impossible task. You just need to take little extra efforts to lose the extra weight from your cheeks. We all need to accept one fact that chubby cheeks looks cute on children and not adults. Most of us would have tried various diets but the cuteness doesn’t leave us. If you are willing to be sexy and not cute then here are few of the simple ways.

1. Stretch Your Tongue Out

This is a simple exercise that you can perform while you are seated at your place. Open your mouth, stretch your tongue out, hold on to this position for 10 seconds and then close your mouth. Repeat this exercise 10 times every day. This will move the facial muscles and hence, the fat retention in the face would be reduced.

Stretch Your Tongue Out

2. Smile Like A Fish

This would be a painful exercise but the results would be visible in a week’s time. Suck your cheeks and you will be able to see a fish face in the mirror. While holding your cheeks in, smile. Hold on to your smile for 10 seconds. Relax and then repeat this for 10 times. This exercise will help you to reduce weight from your lower cheeks and chin. Initially, you may find slight pain in your cheeks, but you will be amazed with the results, so this pain is all worth.

Smile Like A Fish

3. Hold Your Breathe

This exercise will help you to reduce weight from the upper and center part of the cheeks. You may find this exercise to be a little time consuming than that of the other exercises, but it is all worth. First and foremost, fill air in your mouth so that your cheeks can puff up. Once your cheeks are puffed up, hold on to this position for 10 seconds. Slowly, move all the air to the right side of the cheek and hold on for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, move all the air again to the left side of the cheeks and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this for 10 times.

Hold Your Breathe

4. Say “O”

Say “O”, so that your teeth can be wrapped by your lips. Once you are done with this, move your lips towards the right and hold on for 10 seconds. Then slowly move it towards the left and hold on for 10 seconds. This exercise will exert pressure on your complete cheeks.

Say “O

5. Rotate Your Tongue

This is one of the toughest exercises, but this will help you to get the trendy high cheekbones. Seal your lips and rotate your tongue in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, 30 times each. While you rotate your tongue, ensure that your tongue touches the outer surface of your upper and lower teeth.

Rotate Your Tongue

6. Gargle

Fill your mouth with warm water and swirl it in your mouth of one complete minute. After a minute, spit the water and fill your mouth with fresh warm water. Repeat this for 10 times. This warm water will dissolve the fats that are accumulated in your cheeks and hence, you will witness results in a very short span of time.


7. Chewing Gum

If you are a chewing gum lover then you will love to do this. Chew chewing gum for minimum 30 minutes in a day. This is one of the best ways to move your cheeks. Ensure that even if your cheeks hurt, you continue to do this. You shouldn’t try this if you have toothache as chewing gum can trigger the toothache further.

8. Blow Balloons

We all know the complexity of this task and hence, we look for someone to whom this task can be outsourced. If you are keen on losing the excess fats in your cheeks then try to blow 10 balloons in a day. Initially, you can start with 5 balloons and then gradually, increase it. You will be amazed to see the reduction in the size of your cheeks.

9. Massage With Warm Towel

If you are too lazy to do any exercise then this is the best possible solution. You can simply dip a towel in warm water and massage it on your cheeks. This will help to dissolve the fats that are accumulated in your cheeks. You will not be able to see results immediately, but gradually the results would be visible.

10. Massage With Olive Oil

Massage your face with olive oil. Many believe that massaging will increase the chubby cheeks but that’s not true. Massaging with olive oil will improve the blood circulation and hence, the fats accumulated in the cheeks would be reduced.

Massage With Olive Oil