10 Unconventional Tools For Doing Nail Art Dotting At Home

Unconventional Tools For Doing Nail Art Dotting At Home

We women, don’t we just love it when our nails stay groomed and very glossy, covered in beautiful colours? But is it enough to wear a nail polish without binding some of your creativity to it? Well, for some it might be satisfactory, but for stylish divas, it might not create that oomph they desire of. So, if you are still finding something incomplete despite wearing your favourite nail colours, what you’re missing on is a nail art pattern. And if surplus money is keeping you back from flaunting those extremely chic and trendy nail styling options, worry no more. We have listed a guide of 10 extremely unconventional styling tools that will help you attain dotted nail art pattern at home, with the same precision as that done by professionals.

Tools For Small/ Mini Dots

1. Push Pins:

Push pins, that you more popularly called drawing pins back in school are wonderful tools to create miniscule polka dots over your nail paint with great precision. You can work with them in a quite unique way. Drip a small drop of the colour you want. Let the dot dry. Add a small glitter bead at the center of the dot and push it inside. This will create a beautiful sparkling rounded pattern.

Push Pins

2. Compass:

The fussy tool that you once used to draw spheres with in your geometry classes can come in handy for an easier task this time. Its tip is so precise that you can actually use it to draw even dotted flower patterns on your nails. Also, there’s no harm in using its sharpened accomplice, pencil, for the same purpose.


3. Pointed Tweezers:

Like drawing random dots that are evenly spaced all over? Your tweezer will come in handy for you in this case. Use both its edges and dip them in colour. Use just optimum colour, not in excess that it drips down. Contract the two edges according to the space you want to keep in between the dots. Place the coloured tips gently on top of your coloured nails to transfer small beads. It usually works well for sparkles too.

4. Toothpicks:

This is a no brainer easy dotting option that can be used to carve different dotted patterns due to its super precise tip. No matter you do a flower pattern or a retro themed polka dotting, toothpicks will always offer a clean finish.

5. Sewing Needles:

Sewing needles are actually multipurpose. Their tip is so slim that it creates super fine and crisp precise dots, that can also give rainbow pattern towards the inner edges of nails. And its other edge can be used to create proliferated larger dots that are hollow from within.

Tools For Medium Dots

6. Screwdriver:

This is one of the best hidden home tools that can be used to create medium sized polka dot designs. It can also be used to create dotted 3D look. Drip two or three transparent coloured dots on clear nails. Let the dots get super dry. Coat your entire nails with the colour of your choice.

7. Pointed Eyeshadow Brush:

Do not use the pointed eyeshadow brush for stick-on dotting. It will create messy dots having irregular pattern. Instead, use it to get raindrop dotted pattern. Wear the dots created by it under or over your nail polish to flaunt super round 3D effect dots.

Tools For Bigger Dots

8. Double Pointed Nail Pins:

These are dream dotting tools for women who love to adhere those tricky bigger dots that aren’t easy to weave in patterns. But with the super round and clean edge of these pins, you can create larger dots with the precision of a stylist.

9. Stick Pins:

These hair decorating pins make larger dots. The best is, they offer the freedom to play with the dotting designs. You can simply drip a drop for simple look. And you can also use the hollow edge of the stick pin to create a double shaded dot by filling-in the empty space inside the dot with a different colour.

10. Drawing Brush:

With super soft bristles and larger handle, a drawing brush offers better grip to create larger dots without messing them. They are indeed a perfect bet for women who are just getting started with doing nail art dotting by themself.

Bring out the artist in you and grab any tool you would want to use for styling your nails with. And the best is, our top 10 nail art dotting tools will give you a professional look, without demanding a single penny investment by you.