10 Tips To Avoid Cakey Skin

Tips To Avoid Cakey Skin

Every girl loves to use foundation on her face because that is the only way by which she can get an even skin tone. Foundation is a part of everyday’s makeup but most of the times it happens that foundation becomes dry and cakey, by the end of the day. Cakey foundation is one of the most embarrassing things and hence, you should look for ways to avoid it. Look for reasons that lead to cakey foundation so that you can fight against it.

10 Tips To Avoid Cakey Skin:

1. Shake Well

If you are planning to use a liquid foundation then you should shake it well before usage. Liquid foundation has plenty of contents in it so it should be shaken well before you apply on your face. If you go through the instructions on the foundation bottle then you will see that it is mentioned clearly, “shake well before use”.

Shake Well

2. Mix Primer And Foundation

Most of us think that application of primer is one of the best ways by which you can have a clear foundation on your skin but that is not true. You should mix primer and foundation and apply it on your face. After this, apply some more foundation on your face. This will ensure that your foundation is clear throughout the day.

Mix Primer And Foundation

3. Use Hands

Most of us believe that using a brush is one of the best ways by which we can apply foundation evenly but that is wrong. Try to apply foundation with your hands. Take time and massage it properly on your face so that the foundation can spread properly and at the same time, it won’t form an external layer of foundation on the face. The heat in your hands will help the foundation to mix properly.

Use Hands

4. Choose Your Foundation Smartly

Each one of us has a different skin type and hence, there are very high chances that the foundation which suits your friend may not suit you. Try some different foundation so that you can get rid of the cakey look. Some foundation may be cakey while others may not so you will have to choose something smartly.

Choose Your Foundation Smartly

5. Powder Application

We apply foundation, then powder and then eyeliner and lipstick but you can try something else. Apply foundation and then apply eyeliner, mascara, kajal and lipstick. After application of all the makeup, you can apply powder. This will allow the foundation to dry and hence, the powder will not crack.

Powder Application

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6. Skin Products

You should look for skin products that are light so that it can settle easily on your skin. If you opt for a foundation with heavier base then you will notice that the lower base of the foundation will move and hence, the face will look cakey for sure.

Skin Products

7. Wait And Wipe

We walk in the sun, we travel in the public transport and then we enter an air-conditioned environment. After reaching the air-conditioned environment, we wipe our face. It is better that you wait for your sweat to dry and then press the tissue paper slightly on your face. This will ensure that the foundation and the powder stay at their place and don’t make your face look cakey.

8. Less Powder

You should apply less powder over the foundation. If the powder is more then there are chances that it will move from the place where it is applied. If you apply less powder then the powder will stay stern in its original place. Use powder just to cover the shiny look that you get due to the application of foundation.

Less Powder

9. Wipe On Time

Any foundation will stay on your face only for certain period of time so you need to understand and accept this. If you have a normal skin or dry skin then you may notice small patches before your face becomes cakey. If your skin is oily then you will see excess shine on your face before the foundation and powder starts to crack. As and when you start seeing these symptoms, just wipe off the foundation and reapply it so that the cakey look stays at bay.

10. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your face, weekly twice so that you can get rid of the rough patches on your skin. Application of foundation is more like a painting. For painting, the canvas should be smooth. Exfoliation will help your face to be clear and hence, the application of foundation becomes an easy task and at the same time, it will stay evenly on the face, for longer.

Application of foundation and powder on your face is an art. You will have to expertise in that art so that your face can look beautiful. You will take time to learn this but you will have to put in efforts to learn this.