10 Stay Skinny Secrets For Women Who Never Diet


Women always want to look their best and their inches perfect but sometimes it becomes difficult with so much of tasty junk food options one falls prey to! Thus to avoid such scenarios and to stay skinny without dieting, there are a few secrets “that woman” might be following while gorging on a brownie cake which still keeps her slim as well as healthy too.

Some Of The Stay Skinny Secrets Of Women Who Never Diet Are Discussed Below

None Of The Food Is Bad

According to researchers which got conducted across the world, it has been found that a woman who thinks chocolates are bad for the body and in order to stay thin abate the same, are more likely to gorge up more amount of chocolates instead of taking some once in a while. This over eating leads to depression which further accelerates the overeating issue increasing the weight as a result.Thus, it is important to understand that all food are good and necessary and should not be kept out of reach at anytime!


Talk More While Dining

Well, it has been often said that one should not talk while eating due to the fact that it interferes with the digestion, but to stay thin, it is advised to talk with the diners across the table. This is due to the fact that talking slows down one’s eating pace and which naturally results into less eating. It is also important to chew and enjoy each bite which produces the gut hormone named peptide YY which makes a person feel fuller and thus ensures that one does not over eat as well!


It Is Important To Forgive At Times

In the times when one is unable to resist a dessert or a plate full of fries and then look back and fret on the fact that it will hamper the health actually causes more harm than otherwise. This is due to the fact that self imposed depression may lead to over binging as a result which makes the issue worse. Thus it is important to forgive oneself and move on promising to health a healthy meal in the next round.


Healthy Meal Is Not Always Boring

Even though it is a pretty common belief that a healthy meal is stale and boring, it would not be so if one knows how to experiment and spice up the same with herbs and spices. Addition of spices such as cayenne and red pepper flakes not only acts as a taste enhancer but also helps in improving the metabolism rate of the body resulting into weight loss as well! A simple way to pep up a plain chicken roast is to spice it up with chili flakes, dried herbs and garlic powder!


Understanding The Sugar Intake

Every human body is different and reacts differently to things and same is for sugar too! It is well-known that too much of sugar intake is not good for the body, but discarding it completely is not the solution either. Thus, it is important to know when one’s body is feeling bloated or tired after having a certain amount of food loaded with sugar and stop there. It is of extreme importance not to diet and also not to impart pain to the body as well!


Binge Only On Special Occasions

It is of extreme importance to understand when to eat those calorie loaded cakes and restaurant food and when not to! It is pretty understandable that it is pretty difficult to say no to the office doughnuts or a treat maybe which takes place often, but it has to be taken into consideration that the body needs some days of healthy food intake to take care of the inches as well. Thus, eating at occasions which are necessary and cutting down the intake on others help.


Look Away From The Diet Foods

It is time that one looks through the packet which says that it contains food which is “low on calories” or “diet” due to the fact that in reality none are so! The foods which proclaim to be fat free or low on calories are actually high on carbohydrates and are highly processed which gets converted to sugars in the body once taken in and results into weight gain to a great extent. Thus having normal and natural food and staying healthy and fit is the mantra!


Sleep Is Important

Researchers have deduced that the most important thing in order to keep healthy and in a perfect shape, it is important to sleep in adequate amount in a given day. This is due to the fact that less sleep affects the hormones which results into weight gain and changes one’s apetite to prefer and crave for food high on calories. Even due to lack of enough sleep, the exercise regime gets affected as energy levels are on an all time low.


Diet Sodas Are A Strict No-no

Diet Sodas are known to be calorie free but according to researchers it actually stimulatres hunger and the fact that artificial sweeteners used in them are controversial as well. When a person thinks that she is saving some calories in having some diet soda, she may be urged to order some junk food along with it which worsens the inch issue as a result.


Stop Counting The Calories

It is great to know the amount of calorie intake but to count it every time may deprive one of the essential body food requirements. This is due to the fact that there lies a huge difference between a 500 calorie junk food intake and a 500 calorie healthy food intake. Thus, consumption of good amount of vegetables, proteins and healthy fat is essential to keep the tummy full and content without increasing the inches as well.