10 Skin Care Tips To Avoid Rashes

The human skin is very delicate. It can become damaged by chemicals, fragrances and beauty products that contain harsh chemicals. When our skin is exposed to these irritants, there is dryness, redness, irritation, itching and inflammation. Some people have pain and swelling. There is an adverse reaction in the skin and it leads to rashes. The problem can also result from an allergy, infection, and extreme heat. The skin can peel due to this. Applying lotions and creams on the skin gives relief to some extent. Proper skin care helps in avoiding the problem of rashes. We will give some tips for fighting rashes.

Here Are The 10 Skin Care Tips To Avoid Rashes:

1. Apply Ice

Some people have rashes in the armpit along with itching. Ice cubes help in reducing this problem. Apply ice cubes on the affected skin on the rashes[1]. It will reduce the itching.

Apply Ice

2. Use Gentle Skin Care Products

Using cosmetics and beauty products that contain harsh chemicals irritates the skin leading to rashes. Thus, you should avoid such products[2]. Always use gentle skin care products. Use a mild cleanser. Use a pH neutral soap with moisturizing ingredients. Avoid harsh soaps.

Use Gentle Skin Care Products

3. Use Cinnamon

Young girls have rashes of the face due to pimples. For this, you can use cinnamon powder. Mix a little amount of honey with the spice. Apply on the face before sleeping at night. Wash the face with lukewarm water when you wake up next morning[3]. Do this remedy twice a day for best results once at night and once in the daytime.

Use Cinnamon 4. Apply Calamine Lotion

Some people develop rashes on touching the poison ivy plant. For this, you should wash the skin. After that, apply calamine lotion on affected skin over the rashes. Using a cold compress also provides some relief[4]. It will help in reducing itching in the skin.

Apply Calamine Lotion

5. Use Vaseline

Newborn babies have rashes in skin due to the use of diapers. For this, the mother should change diapers and wash the skin with water. After that, apply Vaseline on the affected skin area. Be generous in using it and apply a thick layer. Apply baby powder after that[5].

Use Vaseline

6. Use Wet Compress

If you have a tendency to develop rashes due to heat,[6] you should take bath with cold water immediately after coming inside from an outdoor area in hot weather. You can also apply wet compress. For this, dip towel in cold water and apply on the skin.

Use Wet Compress

7. Apply Tomato Pulp

Tomato helps in giving relief in pimple rashes on the face[7]. Crush tomato so that you get its pulp. Apply the pulp all over the face. Wash the skin after one hour. Do this remedy two times in a week. Tomato helps in making the skin smooth and healthy.

Apply Tomato Pulp

8. Apply Moisturizer

Some people have rashes along with eczema. To avoid this problem, you should apply moisturizer on the skin. Do this two times daily. It will help in hydrating the skin and making it moist. Use the moisturizer immediately after taking a bath[8].

Apply Moisturizer

9. Apply Talcum Powder

Rashes can occur due to excessive sweating. When there is sweat in the body, the skin becomes moist and it leads to irritation and chafing. To avoid rashes due to sweating, you should apply talcum powder on the body before getting ready in the morning[9].

Apply Talcum Powder

10. Use Essential Oils

If you have the problem of armpit rashes, you can use essential oils for this. Lavender oil is quite good for rashes. Mix the oil with little amount of coconut oil. Mix well. Dip cotton in the oil mixture. Apply the oil on affected skin over the rashes[10]. Dilute tea tree oil by adding a very little water to it. Apply on the affected skin areas.

Use Essential Oils