10 Simple Steps To Soften Lips Before Applying A Lipstick

10 Simple Steps To Soften Lips Before Applying A Lipstick

Lipsticks and lip glosses are an essential inevitable part of makeup. There are various kinds of lipsticks and lip glosses available in the market. You can choose any colour according to your undertone from the wide range of lipsticks ranging from crayon to matte, shimmer, translucent and bold. However, no matter which brand you buy, the lipstick would end up cracking if your lips aren’t soft enough. Thus, to help you flaunt that perfect pout, we have listed 10 simple steps that will help you soften your lips just before you apply your lipstick.

1. Use A Lip Scrub

Just like your face needs proper exfoliation to get rid of dryness and dullness before you wear makeup, similarly the lips need scrubbing too. Scrubbing the lips just before applying a lipstick will remove flakes and chapped skin. It will also remove dirt and dust, if any. Thus, your lips will be smooth enough to help the lipstick last longer without getting cracked. Also, it will prevent the lips from drying.

2. Give Your Lips Steam

Giving your lips some steam after exfoliating them will calm down the freshly scrubbed lips. It will increase the hydration quotient. The lips will further moisten up. This will make them supple and soft.

3. Rub Your Lips With Raw Milk

Massaging the lips with raw milk after giving them steam will restore essential oils. Essential oils are needed to keep the lips plump throughout the day. Raw milk massage will also increase blood circulation. This will supply more oxygen to the lip cells and will maintain the pH level of lips. Well balanced pH will prevent dryness.

4. Use Rose Water And Glycerin

After massaging the lips with raw milk, apply a thin layer of rosewater and glycerin just before applying a lipstick. This will soften the cracks even further and will also remove the loosely hanging flakes and peels left behind without causing pain. Glycerin will fill the cracks, giving your lips a fuller appearance, and rose water will hydrate them. Remember to massage the solution on the lips until it is fully absorbed. This works best when you are planning to wear a non transferring peel off lipstick.

5. Massage The Lips With Almond Oil

Massaging the lips with warm almond oil will add essential oils to the lips. It will also lighten the lip colour and cover the lip cracks around the mouth edges. Use a cotton ball dipped in rose water to remove extra oil after massaging it on the lips for 4 to 5 minutes.

6. Use A Moisturizing Sunscreen

Once the lips are fully exfoliated and toned with steam, raw milk, rose water, glycerin and almond oil, it is time to make them lipstick ready. Apply a thin layer of your regular face sunscreen on your lips. Massaging it gently until it gets completely absorbed will reduce lip cracks. It will calm down lip irritation and will get rid of extra oil. The cracks will instantly minimize and the lips will become soft and elastic. Further, it will also save the lips from getting dry and dark under the sun.

7. Apply Lip Fix Neutralizer

Lip fix neutralizer will seal all the glow and softness you get after following the above listed steps. It will keep the natural colour of your lips intact, once applied. This will basically help in getting the desired colour in a single swatch. And even a medium pigmented lipstick will add optimum tint to your lips, giving an almost opaque coverage.

8. Use A Lip Primer

Making lips lipstick ready is not an easy task, especially if you are a matte and crayon lover. A hydrating lip primer will be a must step that will soften your lips. It will cover acne bumps on the lips as well. The base will become seamless and smooth, and will offer the lipstick a chance to glide perfectly. This will keep the lips hydrated from within and non cakey from outside.

9. Use A Water Based Lip Filler

Once you use a lip primer, line your lips with a lip pencil. The shade should exactly match the shade of the lipstick you are planning to wear. But before wearing the lipstick, fill the lips with a water based filler that is one to two shades lighter than your lipstick. This will work as a thin protective layer between the lipstick and lips. It will keep the lips from drying and will also offer a smooth base to the lipstick.

10. Top Up The Lipstick With A Lip Balm

After filling the lips with a water based filler, apply the lipstick starting from the center of the lips. Once finished, press your lips against a tissue. Top up the lipstick with a hydrating lip balm to maintain softness and shine.

Following the above listed 10 steps will make your lips ultra nourished, plump and soft. This will serve as a perfect base for seamless lipstick application. Your lipstick will be durable and wouldn’t crack. It will also protect the lips from chapping.