10 Remedies For Faster Hair Growth


To have long locks and luscious hair, you should care for them in multiple ways. Apart from practicing right hair-care measures, you can also get benefitted by many natural ways and home remedies that can provide you strong and fast-growing hair in a short span of time.

Here Are 10 Remedies For Faster Hair Growth

Beat Stress

Stress is a predominant cause of hair loss. Relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises help you to get rid of stress that daily weakens your body systems if left untreated. By curing stress, you will get faster hair growth and the hair will be more healthy and shiny.


Massage The Hair And Scalp Regularly

Massaging will improve the flow of blood to your hair and will make them more strong. Massaging will also provide more nutrients to the scalp and the scalp will be able to produce more hair in shorter interval of time. You can massage the hair by first applying nutritious oils like coconut or almond oil.


Eat A Well Balanced And Healthy Diet

Your diet must have adequate amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins that are required for good health and provide for healthy and fast hair growth. Your diet must have minerals like selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron. The diet should be rich in vitamins like Vit A, Vit B, Vit C and Vit E. Foods like broccoli, spinach, yogurt, cheese, milk, cabbage, avocado, alfalfa, oats and grapefruit are good sources of nutrients. Animal food products like chicken, milk, yogurt, cheese, salmon and eggs also have good amounts of nutrients that are good for hair health.

Healthy Diet

Some foods like olive oil, beans, walnut, flax seeds and fish have high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. The fat is vital for hair health (almost 3%of hair-shaft is made up of the fat). Vitamin E and zinc deficiency is particularly responsible for hair thinning and hence these nutrients should be consumed in required amounts for strong hair that does not break off easily.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has got good amounts of fatty acids (essential and otherwise) and vitamin E that provides for hair growth. The oil is extremely viscous and hence should be mixed with almond, olive or coconut oil. After making the mixture, message your scalp and hair with it for around 30 minutes (you can take breaks in between). Other essential oils including lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary oil can be mixed with a castor oil before application.

Castor Oil

Use Only Cold Water For Cleaning Your Hair

Very hot water is bad for your hair health. Hot water weakens the hair strands and makes them brittle and dry. Dry hair and hair follicles are easily damaged when your comb your hair or style them through other ways.


Egg Mask

Eggs have a number of nutrients and provide for faster hair growth when used as a hair mask. Eggs have a number of amino acids and proteins and many minerals like selenium, zinc, phosphorous, sulfur and iron. The egg mask must be applied at-least once every month.

Egg Mask

To make a hair egg-mask, mix few lavender oil drops and 4 spoons of fresh grape seed oil in a whisked egg. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair follicle and let the substances sit for around half hour. Later wash with clean water and use a mild or organic shampoo for cleaning hair.

Protect Your Hair

The iconic blow-dryers have more power and hence heat-style the hair strands in shorter time. Longer time periods of heat exposure is bad for hair health and such treatment makes the hair dry and bad looking. You should only sue the iconic blow dryers and also use the blow-dry lotions and apply them on your hair before you give them heat treatment.


Do Not Wrap The Wet Hair In Towel

Wet hair strands are even more fragile than the normal hair. Hence you should look for other ways for drying your hair and should not wrap them in towel after bath or hair-wash. Remove water from hair strands by gently tapping the hair with towel. This way the hair strands will not break and will maintain their length.


Trim Your Hair

The damaged ends of hair strand break-off soon and make your hair look short. You can trim your hair a bit every 5 or 6 weeks and help them grow better.



While a well balanced diet takes care of the nutritional needs of hair, there are cases when it is not completely sufficient and factors like age, diseases and deficiencies cause weak hair. In these cases you require supplements so that your hair can grow faster. Supplements of saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, flax seed oil, biotin, fish oil and evening promise oil have essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins and minerals that induce fast hair growth and make the hair more strong, shiny and healthy.

Fish Oil