10 Natural Diuretics For Weight Loss

10 Natural Diuretics For Weight Loss

Weight loss, today, is an issue so common like an issue of water shortage in an area like Rajasthan (INDIA) and that too in almost all parts of the world. People are so cared about their weight loss and they are ready to try anything for this, be it a sauna belt, an allopathic medicine, vigorous yoga, a harsh morning exercise, swimming and even steroids. They do not care about the after effects and side effects of some of the tricks and solutions they try. One good solution to weight loss are diuretics. This is a not so common technique of weight loss, but this is as effective as harsh and tough ones.

Some Of The Common Diuretics For Effective Weight Loss Are As Follows:

1. Green Tea

Diuretic is a natural food or herb that helps increase the flow of urine. Green tea is one such diuretic. This is commonly and easily available in kitchens today because of its wide use. It has no side effects as at all and works wonders in reducing weight.

2. Veggies And Fruits

Natural fruits are some vegetables work great as a diuretic agents like apple cider vinegar maintains good level of potassium in the body, controlling urine flow. Watermelon, cucumber and other watery fruits have good water content, thus regulate good amount of urine flow.

Veggies And Fruits

3. Chives

Almost 85% water, rich in potassium, proteins, carbs, sulfur, phosphorus and calcium, chives are a good diuretic agent. These are generally a part of salad, acting as a good cleansing agent for the blood. They also help to stimulate digestion.


4. Fennel Seeds

Almost 90 percent water in its bulbous, which is an edible part of fennel, these seeds are a magical diuretic agent. They are now a days added to the raw salads, veggies and many other dishes. They boost up the digestion process and have good amount of concentration of iron, potassium and sodium in it.

Fennel Seeds

5. Garlic Cloves

Cloves of garlic helps a lot in eliminating waste matter from the body, they also help in treating problems like sinus, asthma, cold, cough as they are a mucous membrane cleanser too. It has almost 67% water in it and nowadays it is being eaten in salad. For best results, one should consume garlic directly in cloves. In case taste buds do not allow you may find other methods like juice of crushed garlic clove or adding it to vegetable dishes etc.

Garlic Cloves

6. Watercress

This is a natural diuretic herb, which is known for its blood cleansing properties. Although not so common, this herb is a good body builder too. It has a very fine content of sulfur, calcium and chlorophyll in it. Bile is a juice which stimulates the digestion process, water cress helps to produce this juice.

7. Oats

Natural diuretic agent, commonly available, are Oats. These are a very good source of silica too. Today, many bakery products like cookies from big brands are made of oats, this is because they are very good for health and a very effective diuretic agent.


8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a very effective diuretic agent as they enhance the metabolic process in a body, which in turn release a lot of water from the kidney helping in elimination of the by-products thus formed in the body. They are also a very rich source of Vitamin C. Tomatoes are eaten in salad, many a people love tomato juice, they are also used in many Indian vegetables and one can consume tomatoes any of this way to help reduce weight loss.


9. Lemon

So commonly used, one would never think that lemon would be such a good diuretic agent but it has highly effective properties of it. Best way to make use of lemon as a diuretic agent, you need to take some lukewarm water, add one lemon’s juice to it and some organic honey. Stir up the mixture and enjoy the easy weight loss trick with no side effects.


10. Celery

Celery is a very common vegetable and is almost 95% water. Very few people know this fact, but once you know this it is no difficult task in eating this as there are many wonderful recipes made out of celery. It is a very good hydrating agent. In case, there is an issue with the taste of celery, one can always prepare a good mocktail, or a smoothie of his choice and add celery juice to the same and consume it without spoiling the day of your taste buds.