10 Most Beautiful Marigold Flowers


Marigold is a plant, which bears brightly colored flowers. No annual is as cheerful as marigold. They grow very well in sunny regions to a height of 1 – 5 feet.

Some Of The Beautiful Varieties Of Marigold Are Mentioned Below

Marigold Flowers

Tagetes Cottage Red

This is a five-petaled bright red flower with yellow edges and a golden center. The petals are in spade shape with square tips. The plant has dark green, compact and ferny foliage that stays intact all through the flowering period. The flowers are long lasting.


Baileya Multiradiata

This wild marigold looks radiant during spring. The plant is native to Mexico and Southern US. The flowers are quite delicate and they cannot stand even the slight frost. The flowers bloom in abundance during spring for a couple weeks.


Calendula Officinalis

This bright, cheerful marigold has origins in the Mediterranean and European region. This is easy to grow and thrives in temperate weather. The plant is drought resistant and bears flowers in varied shades of yellow, orange, bronze and cream amidst green leaves.


Caltha Palustris

This perennial plant is native to Northern Hemisphere region. The succulent plant bears heart shaped glossy leaves and bunches of brilliant yellow flowers. The blossoms have five petals with rounded tuft of yellow anthers, which carry pollen.


Tagetes Erect Doubloon

The plant features big, fully double, yellow pom pom blossoms on strong stems. It is a hardiest marigold, which is weather resistant. The flowers last for a long time irrespective of the climatic conditions.


Tagetes Patula Orange

Disco Orange is large and brightly colored, which are borne atop compact plants. The plant has strong aromatic and divided leaves. This is a perfect bedding plant and the bright orange flowers will definitely enliven the living room. orange

Tagetes Patula Safari Red

This ‘anemone type’ marigold has a number of deep orange, gold, red tipped petals. This is a cross between signet marigold and American marigold. It has finely divided large 4-inches leaves. This is a low maintenance and easy to grow plant.


Marigold Majestic Double

This is a showiest marigold. The bushy and robust plant has double blooms with mahogany and gold striping giving it a remarkable overall effect. It makes a strong statement, when planted in borders and beds. This is one of the stunning French marigolds.


Marigold Colossus

This is one of the French marigold varieties, which belongs to the genus Tagetes. It is bi-colored, dynamic bloom in deep red and orange color. Gorgeous shiny leaves surround the large flower.


Tagetes Patula Safari Bolero

This plant produces beautiful maroon flowers with golden centers. It is just superb in garden, pots and as a cut blossom. The lovely shades and hardy nature has made this marigold an all-time favourite.