10 Luscious Fruit Nail Art Tutorial

Bored of the regular floral nail art designs? Want to do something attention-grabbing and chic that goes with your mood and season, then fruity nails are something you need to think about. When you think of a day at the beach under the warm sunshine, what could be better than these fruity nail art. Here we have listed few fun, colorful, yummy and cheerful fruity nail designs for you to try in your next manicure. They might look unusual yet very charming.

Fruit Nail Art Tutorial

1. Lovely Cherries  

The deep red-colored, luscious, wonderful flavored summer cherries make a big part of your favorite summer fruits. So, why not take inspiration from the summer special fruit and paint your nails with the juicy decals to match the season and spread the cheer. Prep your nails and apply a coat of white nail paint on pinkie, middle and thumb nails while the remaining nails have to be painted with dark pink. Paint red circles on white-colored nails and complete the look with green cherry stems. On the nails with pink base make polka dots with white nail paint. You can give some depth to the cherries by highlighting them with white color.

Lovely Cherries

2. Refreshing Kiwis

The lovely green colored, sweet and tangy tasting fruit is not only appealing to the eyes, but also to the taste buds. If you love green hues and want to do a fruit nail art, then kiwis can be just perfect. The combination of green, black and a little white on your nails will look out of the world. Apply the base coat of green color on all your finger nails. Leave the edges and paint the center of the nail with white nail paint. Complete the look with some black dots.

Refreshing Kiwis

3. Mesmerizing Mangoes

The flashy yellow colored, flavorful, delicious, summer tropical fruit, mango is something that makes everyone drool on taking its name. If you are someone, who likes experimenting with bright hues, such as bright yellow, reddish orange or bright green, then mangoes can be a great inspiration.

Mesmerizing Mangoes

4. Juicy Raspberries

The thirst quenching, bright red colored, aroma rich not only add a crunch and texture to your salad, but are also fully loaded with healthy nutrients. The appealing color and texture of the tiny berries make those a brilliant idea when it comes to fruit nail art. Be it a pop nail or 3D design, the raspberries will look just real on your nails.

Juicy Raspberries

5. Fruity Fimo Canes

It is really not necessary to be good at drawing or sketching to create a great fruity nail art. The fruit fimo canes have made it possible for everyone to create a stunning nail art with lovely texture and depth. Be it a single fruit you love or multiple fruit show on your nails, add a bit of glitter over your fimo caned nails for the extra fizz.

Fruity Fimo Canes

6. Tangy Oranges

It is not tough to make this fruit nail art. Paint concave semi circles with the orange color evenly on all your nails. Take a thin brush and draw semicircles with the white nail paint leaving little bit of orange border at the top. Now, draw lines to resemble the segments of the fruit inside it. One line vertically down and the other two in V shape. Coat the nails with glossy nail polish.

Tangy Oranges

7. Succulent Water Melon

This is a perfect nail art to display on bright sunny days. Also, it is one of the simplest designs and looks trendy. Apply the basic red coat on the nail. Once it dries, paint the edge of the nail with dark green color nail paint. With black nail paint make small dots on the base coat to finish the look.

Succulent Water Melon

8. Healthy Papaya

Prep your nails and apply two coats of white gel polish. Allow it to dry. Now use yellow and red gel nail polish to paint the papaya. Add details like black at the center and green around. You can contour the design with black gel paint. Apply a top coat and for a 3-D effect you can add black caviar beads at the center.

Healthy Papaya

9. Tasty Pineapple

Clean and prep your nails. Apply an opaque base coat of white nail polish and allow it to dry completely. Use bright yellow color to create the body of pineapple. Dab 2 – 3 circles on each nail with this yellow nail polish. Draw crisscross lines on each yellow circle with a thin brush. Draw the crown for each pineapple with yellow-green polish. Apply a top coat to complete the look.

Tasty Pineapple

10. Luscious Apples

This nail art is perfect for spring season. Apply a neutral/nude base coat for this design. Using a thin brush, draw small apples on the nail. Fill each nail with tiny apples in any direction you wish. Draw curved little tails with a brown nail polish on each apple and use green polish for the leaves. Finish with a top coat.

Luscious Apples