10 Inspiring Floating Eyeliner Look

Inspiring Floating Eyeliner Look

Floating eyeliner look is one of the most trendy and stunning looks of this season. This has become an inspiration and women love to carry this Smokey and trendy look for various occasions and parties. F you too love this amazing look, here are some awesome variations which would simply make you feel inspired and get you an impeccable look. This mesmerizing eyeliner style can be merged with cat eyes, Smokey eyes, cut crease eye makeup and numerous variations to get a more impactful and cool look. This is one of the most adorable looks which can make you look glamorous and adorable wherever you step in! With numerous shades and glitter, try these super cool floating eye liner variations and get that flourishing look this season!

1. Plain Black Floating Eyeliner

This is the simplest and coolest liner techniques which can get you an inspiring look. If you want a single stroke of black liner with a floating liner twist, here is a something superb which you can try. This stunning thin floating liner would simply make your eye more impactful; ad flawless. Try this drop dead gorgeous and simple variation for a redefined look!

Plain Black Floating Eyeliner

2. Colorful Thick Floating Liner Inspiration

We love this dark and blissful floating liner look which is very unique and inspiring. We love the perfect merge of pink and blue shades which can look adorable and flawless. This amazing use of black liner along with blue pink shades would never fail to make your eyes look popped up and lavish. If you are looking for a bright and glorious floating liner, merge these shades and cool black liner for a dazzling made up look!

Colorful thick floating liner inspiration

3. Glamorous Pink Glitter Floating Liner

We are simple in love with this mesmerizing and glamorous pink liner. This flawless liner with a cool floating liner shape would steal the hearts of anyone! If you are looking for a more high impact party liner look, go for this smooth and mild shimmery eye liner and a stunning glitter floating liner. This combination would look lavish and classy every time you try it!

Glamorous pink glitter floating liner

4. Sun Kissed Floating Liner

We adore this flattering and gorgeous bright floating liner shade which can get you dazzling impacts. This beautiful liner with a bright red-orange and yellow shad would never fail to make your eyes look bright and sun kissed. Along with a golden glitter floating liner, this eye makeup would get you all the thumbs up! This is one of the most adorable liner styles you can try and look gorgeous!

Sun kissed floating liner

5. Simple Stroke Green Floating Liner

If you want to go simple and natural this season, try this extremely beautiful and stunning floating liner design which can make your eyes look popped up. This mesmerizing beauty and impact of the green liner would make your eyes look natural and blissful. Just apply a simple single stroke of the green liner and you would love the impact of this mesmerizing floating eyeliner!

Simple stroke green floating liner

6. Mesmerizing Floating Eye Combination

If you love this amazing shade and use of the black liner to complete a stunning floating eyeliner look, you must try it and look adorable. This stunning look with a gorgeous green blue shade and complemented with an edgy black liner for a floating look, this is the best option you can try. Nothing can work as miraculously as this flawless eye makeup which you must try for once!

Mesmerizing floating eye combination

7. Beautiful Cut Crease Floating Eyeliner

If you have been a cool fan of the floating eyeliner, this is the one which can make your eyes look adorable. The floating eyeliner with a dazzling cut crease impact can simply conquer hearts. You can use different shades to make the eyes look more raunchy and stylish. Try this divine floating eye liner idea and make your eyes look adorable!

Beautiful cut crease floating eyeliner

8. Complete Glitter Floating Liner

If you want to rock your glam side up, this is the amazing eye liner trend you can use and look flourishing. This mesmerizing makeup with a whole new style of floating glitter eyeliner would brighten up your look. Try this extraordinary eye liner look and you would simply fall in love with your glamorous appearance. Look lavish and stylish with this adorable eye liner trend this season!

Complete glitter floating liner

9. Invisible Floating Liner

If you love this invisible floating liner look, try and choose different shades and make your eyes the highlight of any event. This high impact and cool look would simply make your eyes steal the show and get you uncountable complements!

Invisible floating liner

10. Complete Maroon Invisible Floating Liner

If you love the pale skin makeup and especially the bright maroon makeup look, this is one of the most amazing makeup styles you would love. This classy and trendy look with a winged and floating invisible makeup would never fail to make your eyes look adorable!

Complete maroon invisible floating liner