Natural Cures For High Cholesterol To normalize cholesterol levels, it is most important to manage ratio of LDL (bad cholesterol) to HDL (good cholesterol). In case, one has 10 times more LDL than HDL, then she is at high risk of cardiovascular problems. The key to manage low LDL and high HDL is regular physical activity each day, throughout the life.

The body is made to move around to mobilize its energy and nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. There are several natural ingredients that help one to boost the efforts and generate cholesterol lowering results.

Healthy Cholesterol Lowering Oils And Grains

Rice Bran And Olive Oil

Oil from the rice bran is very effective in lowering down cholesterol and keeping the heart healthy as it is high in fibers essential for reducing cholesterol levels.

Olive Oil

Usage of one cup rice bran oil will suffice 11 percent of the daily fiber needs. Regular consumption of olive oils raises HDL, lowers LDL and prevents formation of blood clots, resulting in healthy heart.

Oats And Soybeans

Oats have been traditionally used as cholesterol buster when used in its pure form. Just ½ cup of oatmeal every day with low fat diet will reduce cholesterol by 9 percent. Soybeans are very effective as these help to reduce LDL cholesterol by 20 percent, when 20to 25 grams are eaten every day, for a period of one month.

It also aids in improving the arteries ability to get dilated and manage flow of fats and other blockage causing substances in much better and efficient way.


Sprouts help to normalize cholesterol levels, but, be sure that these are properly washed before consumption as otherwise these could be mode of E. coli infection. Make use of vegetables cleaning products available in many grocery markets.

Important Cholesterol Busting Ingredients From Kitchen


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Adding one teaspoon of honey in 1 cup of warm water helps to get rid of cholesterol and fats. Adding one teaspoon of lemon juice (or 10 drops of cider vinegar) to the honey drink will make it more powerful as cholesterol lowering agent.

Garlic And Artichokes

Garlic helps to raise HDL, reduce LDL and even lowers the fat within the blood. Using fresh garlic regularly will be adequate to keep the heart healthy. Artichokes are very effective in lowering cholesterol as they have beneficiary cholesterol busting properties.


Eating one cup of yogurt enriched with active cultures daily, reduces LDL by more than 4 percent and reduces total cholesterol by minimum three percent. Yogurt is even useful in lowering risk of heart disease by 10 percent.

Pears, Carrots And Apples


Eating pears are healthy for cholesterol control as these are rich in soluble fiber that aids to normalize cholesterol levels. Apples and carrots are full of pectin that helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

Beets And Rhubarb

Beets are rich in flavonoids and carotenoids that help to reduce or prevent synthesis of bad cholesterol, LDL. Rhubarb is also cholesterol buster food that should be consumed after meals rich in fats. Rhubarb can be cooked with maple syrup or honey and vanilla can be added for more flavor.


Walnuts are efficient in lowering down LDL cholesterol by 16 percent, when eaten for minimum of four times, in a week. Those, who regularly munch walnuts, put off their risk of heart attack by 50% as compared to non walnut eaters.

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Regular consumption of almonds will decrease LDL cholesterol by 10 percent, just in three weeks. It is a wonder drug with many benefits for every age group.


Turmeric can be used after a heavy fat meal. Just spread turmeric on whole wheat bread and have it post meal, to keep a check on cholesterol levels.

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