10 Classy Crystal Lip Art Styles


This fall, all that matters, is glossy and sparkling lips like a pure crystal. From complete glosses to liquid mattes, if you want to update your lip color this fall, say hello to mesmerizing and hypnotic crystal lip art. Crystal lip art is the latest trend, already much popular on Instagram. They are stunning and dazzling to look at, and have taken the lip art trend to another level. Crystal lip art provides utter high-polished hues with dimensional shine. Gem tinctures give off exceptional prismatic effects, not only does it augment your lovely lips, it also put the last touches on your outfit as an accessory. It is all about reinventing your lips with a crystal look without it being a two-dimensional mock. To create a perfect look, choosing the right lip color is very important. Whether it’s a gold crystal, amethyst, classic brick red or nudes choose a shade which has a universal appeal and tremendous effect.

Here, We Have Ten Awesome Crystal Lip Art Styles You Need To Try This Season:

1. Gold Crystal Lip Art

Infrequent lip colors have been attaining popularity lately and none is more splendid and stylish than that glistening gold lip color. Whether you choose to dress up or down, gold lips are more adaptable. Just think about those gold crystal lips with a cat eye makeup and gold bangles on a night out, Captivating, isn’t it!!! Getting a nice gold crystal effect isn’t just a matter of sloshing; it requires some additional attention and a little extra presentation. You can also go for melted gold effect as well, very easily. The main advantage of using gold lip color is that it can be used with any skin tone and with any kind of dress and color. Get ready to feel unbelievably majestic with some sheer gold crystal shimmer on your lips.


2. Glimmering Pink Crystal Lip Art

This deep mauve/pink is again a lovely shade, totally inspired from brighter spring and summer blushes. This glimmering pink is our favorite. It is impeccable for crystal art and looks great on fair skinned girls. This shade is a bit rosier and makes your lips look natural, with the dash of glossiness and is great for making your lips look desirable. It is more than a soft plum pink therefore, crystals look very elegant on, and the fact that the shade is so close to your natural lip color makes it easy to apply. You can also go for a transparent blue pink shade as well.


3. Black Cherry Crystal Lip Art

This almost black color creates full-on glamour look which can turn even the slightest withdrawal of bluish-purple into vain. This crystal infused darkly romantic black cherry is very much attractive and undeniable to carry for any girl. It draws all the attention to the lips and you can get away with much less makeup on the rest of the face. Black Cherry is a dark, berry, maroon-red, almost black and oh-so-scary, but it comes off on the lips as a rich and luxurious lip color. It is in vogue and is a perfect option for crystal lip art. It goes well with most of the skin tones but looks best on the fairer ones. A perfect color for this winter season. With such very wearable bold lips, you never seem to have enough!


4. Grape Hue Crystal Lip Art

The best part, about this deep Harmony grape hue is that it’s actually pure, so it’s not as daunting as it looks so the lips does not look uneven with crystals on. The shade doesn’t have any gleam in it; hence perfect for crystal lip art. It looks so natural and alluring on the lips. It is an awesome shade and looks pretty on most of the skin tones. Maximum two jabs are needed for the accurate color to show. It can hide pigmented lips also. This dark, grape shade looks so different yet graceful at the same time. The lips are to die for.


5. Soft Purple/Amethyst Crystal Lip Art

From light lilacs to deep drama, amethyst is our pick of the season. Whether it is a bold bright or a dark hue, each shade applies smoothly. Crystal lip art in this particular shade makes your lips look attractive and huge and at the same time makes you feel ultra-comfortable. Get implausible laydown of that perfect hue with just one swipe. With a collection of addictive shades this color palette has everything you need to get your crystal lip art look perfect. So girls, this season purple is the new red.


6. Burnt Brown Crystal Lip Art

The burnt brown has a touch of pink which keeps it from looking gloomy. Since its moderate enough to be caked on cheeks and lids alike, this burnt brown isn’t officially only a lip color. It is a perfect soft, shiny hue for crystal lip art as crystals glides on effortlessly and evenly for hours. It is a Happy color which instantly gives lips a polished look. Array of light sparkle and flat-finish shades also blends perfectly and are very much popular as well. The finish is great to wear and have wonderful residing influence. This particular shade perfectly defines the natural line of the mouth and goes very well with fair skinned people with light hair.


7. Coral Orange Crystal Lip Art

This buoyant lip color provides a customizable look, leaving a single touch for minimalist shine, or you can apply two-three layers for that strong complexity and vivacity. Crystal Coral Orange lips have now transformed old-style natural beauty look with a dark vampy look with its vivid brilliance. Coral Orange crystals let women to choose the final look they want from a barely there wash of color to deeper coverage; and looks great on all skin types. The best part is, you can add more layers if necessary, this specific crystal art color helps define lip edges for the perfect look. It’s up to you to decide if you’d rather have transparent crystals or if you want to go wholly opaque.


8. Bold Blue Crystal Lip Art

Blue is the most modern lip color these days. Dark Nebula, Aquatic blue, Navy blue, Midnight Blue, Sky blue, Sapphire blue, Candy blue and the list goes on. Gigantic shade of blue with crystals creates a look to die for. You can also try electric blue. While wearing this bold color one should stick to a monochromatic look. A deep smoky navy shade is likely to look unanimously gratifying. Blue seems to be the color of the flash this season. Just wear this bold shade and you are ready to conquer the world. Must say, highly recommended.


9. Opaque Red Crystal Lip Art

Red is the only color which gives the sagacity of attraction. A rich opaque red is a perfect classic shade. When it comes to, crystal lip art this lustrous lip color is our all time favorite as it suits most skin tones. Red crystallized lips give the impression of bold, dramatic lips. If you are a fan of bold red lips, solid, blood red is your hue and if you love all kind of reds then rich burgundy-wine, Burnt chili red, Beautiful maroon and purple-based red are some of the other great options which can work wonders for you. Its time to step out with those bold red crystal lips.


10. Peach Crystal Lip Art

This chalk peachy might not be your first pick but it’s a stand-out mark above nude for those with fair skin. Various shades of peach are available in the market these days, and most of them look alluring with crystal art. Dark peach is good for wheatish complexion. Peach lip colors look amazing on lips and enhance the look of the user. The lip color glides on easily and it is neither too audacious nor fragile. It’s a color that spells out minimalism hence, much popular for crystal art as it gives a striking contrast appearance. Color can be built up with a couple of swipes. You can wear this shade all round the year. It a shade which is most loved by all. Whether you are looking at a hint of dynamism on your face or you want to look natural, a peach lip color with crystals can foray a major chord with your features.


Go girls, find that perfect lip color and amaze everyone with that magical and mystical crystal lip art creations.