10 Best Lip Primers Available In India


Lips are the most enticing feature of a woman’s face. It is often this feature that pans out the entire outlook of a person. So, looking after these assets and beautifying them for good is very usual for those who want to look good and keep themselves healthy. Women, particularly those of Indian origin, are especially inclined towards nurturing their natural beauty. Whether be it by using beauty products or healthcare items, women love to look after themselves and want to keep them in best shapes in every respect. The lip primers act as an invaluable tool in the art of beautifying their prime assets, i.e. their lips. They not only aid in preventing dryness and aging signs of chapping, flaking, freckles and fine lines, but also aid in keeping them soft and tempting and maintaining their natural hue and tone.

Here We List Out 10 Of The Top Lip Primers For Women That Are Available In India.

BH Cosmetics Lip Primer

This US based lip primer gives your lips a super creamy texture that prevents the lips from getting dry and chappy and at the same time upgrades your lipstick’s shade to a more robust level. While beige shade that enables it to use with or while lipsticks, this super utility product may well also be used as an alternative eye primer.


Bite Beauty Line And Define Lip Primer

This outline lip primer enriched with natural ingredients protects and moisturizes lips against harsh condition that often leads to lips chapping and lip cracking and flaking. With its essential amino acid contents like lysine and silica oxide rich formula, it prevents lip pigmentation problems and helps retain the natural lip hue. Its built-in sharper at the bottom, only adds to its benefits.


Fusion Beauty Lipfusion XL

This chemical-free, natural lip primer provides the perfect base for lip nourishment and at the same time deals with the problems of lip dryness, chapping, age lines and pigmentation.


Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer

This amazing matte base colorless lip primer repairs natural lip hue damage and adjusts lip tone by making lipsticks, lip glosses and balms last longer without facing the problem of smudging.


ELF Studio Lip Primer And Plumper

This non sticky multipurpose lip primer combines the goodness of primer and plumper by working as a lipstick base and again as a plumper over lipsticks to give it a fuller, glossy and smudge-proof look. In addition to it, it also offers protection against lip pigmentation and ageing signs.


NYX Lip Primer

The NYX lip primer with its natural color seal technology provides dual advantage of natural color correction and color tone adjustment by restoring natural hue of lips by adjusting the tone without lipstick smudging for longer time. In addition to this, this natural lip primer also prevents and addresses lip chapping, dryness, freckles and pigmentation problems.


MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer

Packed with the goodness of nourishing oils, this excellent lip primer by MAC moisturizes and nourishes your lips at the same time and also repairs any lip pigmentation. This regular use lip primer can be worn with or without lipsticks and aids in restoring the natural tint of your lips.


Cargo HD Picture Perfect Lip Primer

This moisturizing and nourishing lip primer with its deep hydrating effect, protects your lips from drying and chapping. Moreover, its silica oxide particle formulation prevents and heals visible signs of lip ageing including lip freckles and fine lines.


Urban Decay Potion Lip Primer

This smoothening and super glossy lip primer with SPF15 sun guard and moisture lock technology, protects your lips from appearance of skin aging signs of dryness, pigmentation, flakes and freckles owing to sun ray damage and helps to restore the lost tint of your lips.


Mary Kay Time Wise Age Fighting Lip Primer

This is lip primer repairs lip aging signs of lip freckles, dryness and fine lines and aids in sealing moisture. This amazing primer when used regularly in combination with lipstick, gives your lips a youthful and voluptuous look.


Enlisted above are the best of the best lip primers that are available in India for women in this part of the world to try on. Keeping these lip primers as an essential part of your daily fashion schedule not only gives your lips those much desirable seducing looks but also very carefully looks after those invaluable assets of yours.