10 Best Exercises Strengthening Groin Muscles

10 Best Exercises Strengthening Groin Muscles

Legs are very important first of all to carry our weight and move around. They bear a lot of exploitation all throughout the day. The legs incorporate the groin area and the thighs. You must have tenacious yet malleable groin muscles to avert hurt when you exercise particularly if you happen to be an athlete. The interior thighs and crotch are constituted of an assembly of muscles. These muscles aid in the enterprises that associate side to side activities like playing tennis, handball etc. Stronger legs are achieved when the muscles are strengthened and that provides improves the balance of the legs too.

1. Adductor Squeeze

Lie on the floor on your back on a mat keeping your hands on the body sides. Fold your legs so that your knees point towards the ceiling and squeeze a soft ball between the legs. Squeeze the ball lightly to tighten the adductor muscles. Repeat the exercise after resting for a few seconds for 10 times.

Adductor Squeeze

2. Side Lying Groin Stretch

Lie down on the floor turning to your left side to start the exercise. Hold your head using your left hand and stretch both your legs straight. Lift your right leg up gradually facing upwards as far as you can comfortably and with ease. You can give support to your knee using your right hand. Feel the stretch by holding on to this position and repeat the exercise with the next leg while changing on to the other side.

3. Lunges

Stand erect with your hands on your side hanging down and keep your right foot right in front of you. Bend the knee of the leg you have placed forward but keep your back straight up. Bend the right leg till you get it to bend to an angle of 90 degrees. You should bend your other leg also when you do this work out. Stand in this position for a few seconds so that you feel the stretch along the muscles around your groin area and return to the normal standing position. Repeat the workout with the other leg. This workout may not be easy when you start doing it at first so increase the number gradually that suits you according to your comfort.

4. Side Leg Raise

Stand at the side of a strong and steady chair. Hold the chair with your left hand and stand with your left leg pressed against the floor. Now gradually lift your right leg up in the air till you experience the stretch in the groin muscles. Bring it back taking care to cross the right leg over the left leg and repeat it 8-10 times. Now change the side and repeat the work out with your right leg.

5. Power Squats

Stand in an erect position with your hands on your hips or tight in front of you. Keep your feet away from each other and face the toes outward on both sides. Gradually bend your knees by pulling your hips down. You can bend your lower hind marginally. Stay in that position for a brief period of time and return to your beginning position pushing on your heels to bring your legs straight. You can increase the intensity to make this work out more effective by using weights in your hands.

Power Squats

6. Gravity Groin Exercise

Lie down on the floor keeping your left side of your body on the ground keeping a chair next to your feet. Keep your right leg on the chair when you rest your other leg flat on the floor. Now lift your left leg towards the rear of the chair against the momentousness. Keep the leg in the raised position for 8 to 10 seconds and bring it back down to the floor. Change sides and do the exercise repeating it with the other leg.

Gravity Groin Exercise

7. Groin Stretch

Spread a mat on the floor and sit on it and bend both your knees to bring your heels as close to your body as you can. Sit erect keeping your back up straight as much as you can and bring your knees down to touch the floor. You can lean your posterior a little and weigh down your elbows on your knees to give pressure on them to push them down. Gradually relax the tautness and repeat the work out for a few more counts to help to strengthen the muscles in the groin.

8. Hip Extension:

Kneel down on the ground with both the hands on the ground with your palm pressing down. Place one leg firmly on the ground and lift the other leg up behind you as much as you can without a strain. Bring it back to the original position and life the leg again behind you. Repeat it 5 to 7 times. Change to the other leg and do again with the next leg.

Hip Extension

9. Lateral Jump:

This particular workout comprises of hopping alongside aloft a series of cones or impediment of relevant height and should be avoided by people who are not steady in balancing. If it is not done correctly it may cause hurt. Keep a row of 2 or 3 cones and stand athwart in order to face at right angle to the sequence of cones. Use your adductor muscles and hop aloft the first cone sideways using your legs to land and absorbing the bounce. Repeat it over all the other cones in the line till you hop aloft all of them. Hop over the cones and come back to the original position. This work out is very efficient in helping to strengthen the groin muscles.

10. Band Abduction:

Stand with both your feet put together on the floor. Put a intransigence band around the ankles. Hold an unrelenting object with your hands for support to avoid falling. You can do it without support if you are able to. Keep the left leg down on the floor and lift the right leg to your side and elongate it as much as you can without straining or feeling uncomfortable. Wait for a moment and bring your leg to its original position and release the intensity of the resistance band. Repeat the workout using your right leg now.