10 Best Celestial Angel Tattoo Designs For Women


Tattoos which follow the designs of supernatural beings are seen to be popular among tattoo lovers. Women are also seen to prefer tattoos of supernatural beings. Angels are one of the most popular of all supernatural beings that usually do good to mankind. Angel tattoos have very interesting and attractive designs that are found in tattoo market.

Meaning Of An Angel Tattoo

Angels are portrayed as powerful beings with great looking feathery wings who carry out god’s orders. Angels follow god’s command and look after human beings on earth. Curious fact is that from the names we find in the Bible Michael, Raphael etc angels are thought to be mostly male. But there are reference of women with wings in Zechariah 5.9. In tattoo market both male and female both kind of angel tattoos are available. Women who are a bit religious minded like to wear angel tattoos for they think god is caring and guiding them through angels. Angels tattoo can be worn for simple beauty purpose also. For these tattoos look gorgeous in the body. Generally an angel tattoo means divine power, protection, care, a sense of good overcoming evil and classical beauty.

Places In The Body Where An Angel Tattoo Can Be Done

An angel tattoo can be done in places like back, shoulder, arms, side of the body and lower abdomen.

Here Are 10 Celestial Angel Tattoo Designs For Women

Female Angel With Wings Tattoos

As said earlier there is reference of female angels that can be found in religious text also. That is why excellent designs of female angels with gorgeous looking wings can be easily found in the tattoo market. Women who have attractive back can do this in their back without any hesitation.


Angel Wings Tattoo Designs

Instead of an angel only great gorgeous wings of an angel also represent angel.


Angel Wings With Cross Tattoos

Angels carry out orders of god on earth. For this reason women sometimes like to do angel wings tattoo with a cross in between wings.


Weeping Or Crying Female Angel Tattoo Designs

Great looking crying female angel tattoos are available in the market with both face as well as full figure designs.


Male Angel Tattoos

As most of the renowned angels are male then a woman can have a gorgeous looking male angel tattoo in her body. Plenty of exciting  and attractive designs are available.


Baby Angel Tattoo Designs

 Cute looking baby angels with tiny wings are available in the tattoo market also. A woman who loves children can do this in the body. baby

Angel With Sword Tattoos

Angels both female or male carrying a glittering big sword tattoo designs are very common in the market. This particular design stands for royal strength or power also.


Angel Killing Demons Tattoo Designs

Great tattoo designs have angels killing demons with horns with sword. This kind of really gorgeous looking but a bit complex tattoos are suitable for women who like complex, big tattoos in the body.


Tribal Angel Tattoos

For women who like to have a simple but ornamental design in the body can go for a tribal angel tattoo. Great looking angel figures with wings or simply wings in tribal art designs are available in tattoo market.


Female Angels With Guns Tattoo Designs

In this particular design the imagination of tattoo artist has gone really wild. Female angels in comic bookish attire with 9mm pistols in both hands are seen in the tattoo market. Sometimes, instead of angel figure guns with wings tattoos are also found.


So you want to do an angel tattoo in the body. Kindly go through the list given here.