10 Awesome Vitamin B12 Rich Food Sources That You Must Include In Your Diet

Vitamin B12 Rich Food Sources

Vitamin B12 is scientifically known as Sayano Cobalamin. It is one of the most important vitamins of vitamin B complex group. It has numerous health benefits on our skin, hair and health. Vitamin B12 is most essential nutrient for our body as it regulates the metabolism process in human body. This vitamin is delicate and is completely water soluble. Over cooking or cooking in high flame can destroy the vitamin. The RDA recommendation of this Vitamin B12 at least 2.4 micro grams of per day. This vitamin is mainly found in animal sources although it contains plant sources too. The food items that are rich vitamin B12 are:

1. Eggs:

Do you love to eat eggs? Now here is another great reason to have more eggs in your diet everyday. This awesome food is enriched with vitamin B 12. [1] Thus egg is a very important food for our health and skin. Try to consume more eggs everyday to get more benefits. You can include it in your breakfast or in your lunch or dinner.


2. Meat:

Meat is also a great source of vitamin B 12. [2] Try to prepare healthy preparation with meat so that you got more vitamin B 12 from your diet. It is very simple to include meat in your diet as meat preparations are both ideal for lunch or dinner.

3. Cheese:

Do you love to consume Cheese? Now you can it more cheese everyday as it is a great source of vitamin B 12. You can add cheese in your daily food habit to get the benefits of vitamin B 12. [3] Cheese is really delicious and has lots of nutrients in it which are really beneficial for your health.


4. Fish:

Try to consume fish everyday because fish is an important source of vitamin B 12. [4] Fish are low in fat and thus it is good for your health. Even if it is also a good health food for those who have heart problems.

5. Fortified Soy Milk:

Fortified Soy Milk is one of the great sources of vitamin B12 which has immense role over your health and skin.[5] You can find fortified milk in packaged form in market. If you want to have required amount of vitamin B 12 then you must drink fortified soy milk everyday.

6. Low Fat Yogurt:

If you love Yogurt, then here is another great reason to have more yogurts in your daily diet.[6] Do you know that Yogurt is rich in vitamin B 12 which plays an important role for our skin, hair and overall health? You can consume your favorite flavored yogurt everyday to consume more vitamin B 12 everyday.

7. Shrimp:

Shrimps are one of the most important seafood for you which are enriched with vitamin B 12 and lots of important minerals which helps in improving your overall health.[7] Prepare healthy preparations with Shrimps and enjoy it while getting the benefits of vitamin B 12.

8. Liver:

There are so many delicious preparations available with liver.[8] Do you know that Liver is an awesome health food which is enriched with vitamin B 12? So, if you want to have all the benefits of this important vitamin try to include this health food in your every day diet.


9. Salmon:

Salmon is a very popular sea fish which is available around all most every part of this world.[9] Do you know that Salmon is a great source of vitamin B 12? Yes, it is. So include salmons in your daily diet to get all the benefits.

10. Milk:

Do you know that milk is a great source of vitamin B 12? Thus milk is good for our overall health, skin and hair. But if you cook it on flame for long time then all the benefits of vitamin B 12 got destroyed. [10] So, do not boil or cook it so much of time if you want to get all the benefits of Milk.