10 Awesome Sex Tips For Women

Awesome Sex Tips For Women

In today’s corporate modern world,where women have started taking an active role in sharing the income contribution to the household, their role has become doubly stressful. Women responsibilities are not just limited to the household activities but she has to do justice to her office also.

This has resulted in creating a stressful role for a women.The direct impact of this stress falls on her sexual relationship with her partner creating friction and causing strain in marital relationship. However, women must not forget that Sex or physical intimacy plays a very important role in leading a successful married life. Below mentioned are some tips which are guaranteed to spice up your married life.

Sex Tips For Women

Sultry Make Up

Sultry Make Up For Women

Sultry make up is a sure shot way to make you look like a sex diva and drive him crazy. It is said that half of your work is done if you are able to leave a forceful impact on the other person in the first glimpse he has.

Turning the man of your dreams hot and panting after oneself is any women’s biggest dream. Looking hot and sultry will make set the mood and make even the biggest workaholic drop his work and pick you up.

Sensual Perfume

Sensual Perfume For Women

Applying light, sensual perfume on all the right pulse points of the body like behind the ears, between the breasts, behind the knees and underside of the wrists. This will flame his passion by catering to one of his six senses that is smell. However it should be kept in mind that you are not too heavy handed with the perfume or else it may become too powerful causing headache, irritation of eyes, lead to sneezing and thereby spoiling the mood.

Sexy Unmentionables, Clothes And Accessories

Sexy Clothes For Women

Sexy undergarments not only make you feel sexy and sensual,but also tantalizes one of the most important six senses of the male species, that is eyes or vision.You can choose to be an ‘eye candy’, from any number of sexy lingerie available in the market like G-strings, crotchless panties, padded and push up bras, sheer lacy and see through night wear, backless halter tops, high heels, the list is endless.

The key point being wearing clothes that are just right, naughty and exciting without being overly coarser. This is a sure shot must follow tip that will make his eyes pop.

Creating Romantic Environment

Romantic Environment For Women

Setting the right mood is very important for a successful intimate session. Lighting scented candles and putting on soft, alluring music, will cater to his yet another of his important sense that is sound. You can also add flowers and spray room freshener for creating a sensual environment.

Food To Tantalize Taste Buds

Food To Tantalize Taste Buds

It is said that the way to a man’s heart or should I say to his private parts is through his stomach. The food should be prepared keeping in mind his preferences. Also the food should be light and not be too heavy or oily or spicy, as it will induce lethargy and will defeat the whole purpose of the evening. Right food will not only help in filling the stomach but also cater to another one of his sense that is taste.

Discover New Places for Intimate Encounter

New Places For Intimating Encounter

Over the period of time, having sex in the same old four poster bed, may become unexciting and boring. You an try my breaking this monotony by having sex on the sofa, carpet, desk, chair, bathroom, kitchen etc.

The balcony is also a good place to have sex, provided it is covered and not in view of any other building or person, or else it may turn out to be embarrassing.

Don’t Rush

Lovemaking is a process where not only the body but also mind and emotions are involved. It is very necessary to take ample time to arouse him and be aroused in turn. Enough time should be given for foreplay as this is an extremely important activity which helps in intensifying and heightening the sexual arousal, this in turn creates ample lubrication in the reproductive organs.

Tension Free Sex

Tension Free Sex For Women

Tension is a major mood killer, as it stops the person from concentrating on your partner. It is advisable to leave all your tensions outside be it personal or professional while engaging in intimate encounters.

Also always keep in hand lots of condoms and insist your partner on using them, as it will avoid un-necessary complications arising due to unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, if you are not ready to take the step towards parenthood.


Communicating With Your Partner

Communicating or talking about what your expectations are from each other and your relationship both in terms of emotional and physical sense is very significant. Debating freely about your likes, dislikes, things that you want your partner to do to you to excite you or the things that you would like to do to your partner to arouse him is very important. Sharing and voicing views between each other is essential if you would like to have a healthy sexual partnership with your partner.

Staying Healthy & Fit

Stay Healthy & Fit

Everyone wants to look nice and be attractive to one’s partner. Being in shape and not having those extra bulges makes a significant impact in attracting and maintaining his interest.

Exercising regularly, eating a balanced and wholesome food keeps your body fit and in ship-shape. Having regular medical examination helps you avoid sex related diseases if you are involved in multiple relationships.