10 Amazing Hacks To Protect Fair Skin From Sun Damage

10 Amazing Hacks To Protect Fair Skin From Sun Damage
We all love fair and even toned skin and thus, we try all the possible ways and experiments to protect the skin from harmful chemicals, dust, sun rays etc. these are the elements which can make your fair skin tanned, pigmented and patchy and thus, we must follow a skin care regime to protect the skin! Especially, sun tan is one of the most dangerous problems which can target the bright and white skin and can cause various issues! Fair skin is an easy target for sun rays and the sunrays could damage the fair skin more than any other colored skin! Thus, if you want to keep your fair and gorgeous skin flawless as never before, here are some cool tips which you can follow!

1. Drink A Lot Of Water And Keep Hydrated

If you are wondering how water can help in preventing your skin from sun damage, you must know that lack of water consumption can make your skin dry, loose and rough. If your skin becomes rough and dry, it would get easily affected from sun tan and damage. While you drink water, your skin stays hydrated and nourished which would reduce the effect of sun damage directly!
Drink A Lot Of Water And Keep Hydrated

2. Spray Some Sunscreen And Reapply After 2 Hours

Sunscreen is the protectant towards sun damage. The high SPF sun screens can make your skin protected from sun rays and would keep your skin hydrated. Sun screen lotions can help your skin to rescue from sun damage but the high SPF sun screen SPF sprays would prevent your fair skin from getting affected from different damages. Also it would keep your skin protected for long if you reapply it every 2 hours!

3. Protect Your Skin With Water Proof Makeup

If you love to carry the flattering beachy makeup, here is a stunning reason why you must carry some water proof makeup! The waterproof makeup works as a protective layer from sun rays and sun damage. Makeup sure you carry the products which are simply water proof and prevent your gorgeous fair kin from getting tanned!

4. Cover Your Skin With A Scarf Or Mask

Whenever you step out form your house, don’t forget to carry a scarf or covering agent. Your skin gets exposed to sun and can get affected with various issues and tanning. This whenever you step out, covers your hands, legs and face with a hard cloth. This would help in preventing sun damage to your skin and would keep your white skin untouched as ever!
 Cover Your Skin With A Scarf Or Mask

5. Use Detanning Scrubs

There are some awesome de tannign scrubs which work miracles on your skin. There are some cool de tanning scrubs which would keep your skin free from dust, germs, sun tan and such issues. There are ingredients like tomato, oatmeal, papaya etc which would fight tanning and make your skin bright and beautiful!
Use Detanning Scrubs

6. Apply The Refreshing Green Tea Packs

Green tea is an awesome ingredient which s filled with some high impact ingredients which would never fail to make your fair skin more glorious! The green tea packs are filled with minerals, anti oxidants and rich enzymes which can protect your skin and make your bright skin fairer! Cleanse your skin with this ingredient and make it look admirable!

7. Avoid Bleaching Your Skin

Bleaching your skin is a pure invitation to bad skin health and also this triggers skin issues. Sun damage is identified to work more on the bleached skin. When the bleached skin is exposed to sun rays, it can make the skin darker, damaged and infected. Thus keep away from bleaching and pamper your bright skin with some natural ingredients!

8. Apply Curd On Your Skin

If you think that curd is just a simple ingredient which you can use for skin whitening and softening, here are some amazing benefits of this magical ingredient which would keep you stunned. Curd improves the production of collagen in your skin which is the primary ingredient in protecting your fair skin! Thus, sue this super cool ingredient to make your skin fair and gorgeous.

9. Apply Ice Cubes On Your Skin

If heat can make your skin damaged and affected from darkness, ice and cold can [protect it from the sun damage! Beat the heat of sun with this cooling and soothing ingredient. Massage your skin with some ice cubes and this would work as a skin hydrating and protecting agent! It helps in soothing the inflammation, burning sensation and damage caused due to sun rays!

10. Eat Lot Of Water Rich Fruits

Different fruits are filled with ingredients which can hydrate and nourish your skin. Most of the fruits are filled with water which would keep your skin bright, fair and hydrated as never before. Eating the fruits would keep your skin moisturized and thus, protect it from sun damage!