10 6-Pack Ab Diet Tips For Women


While strength exercises and weight-training develop the pack of six abs in women, a better diet plan also helps you to achieve the ideal ab-pack in rather less amount of time. The subcutaneous fats hide inside the inner abdominal muscles. By eating a right diet on fixed schedules, you can reveal the abdominal muscles sooner and have a 6-pack ab for a strengthened and fit body.

Here Are 10 6-pack Ab Diet Tips For Women

Eat Frequently

You need to inculcate certain changes in your eating pattern for having six pack abs. Divide your daily meals into 6 parts and see to it that have ample amounts of whole foods. By eating in lesser portions throughout the day, you body’s metabolism will run at high rates so that you burn more fats/carbohydrates during the day. You will also not be exposed to frequent hunger pangs this way.


Consume More Whole Foods

Whole foods are unrefined and unprocessed food items. They do not contain added fats, carbohydrates and salt. Some examples of whole foods include beans, fruits, unpolished grains, vegetables and some animal products.


Count Your Calories

Higher calories intake will increase the fat deposition on the abdominal muscle layer. Limit your calories and do not consume more than 500 calories any day.


Follow Your Exercising Routine

Mere change in dietary plan and patterns will not provide for 6-pack abs. Go on with the exercise schedule and stress more on abdomen and leg exercises that relate to middle and lower trunk of the body.


Stop Consuming Processed And Packaged Foods

Packaged and tinned foods have high amounts of trans-fat, sodium and refined carbohydrates that increase the fat deposition. Forbid eating the food items and instead focus on whole foods.



Egg whites, fish, chicken breasts etc are better lean protein sources that do not cause fat and mass gain. Rely on them for your protein needs. You can also eat vegetable proteins that also have high amounts of dietary fiber and satiate you for longer time duration.


Carbohydrates And Starch

Whole grains, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, brown and multi-grained bread, quinoa etc are some better sources of carbohydrate, fiber and starch that provide for weigh loss while providing you with ample amounts of energy. Try to eat the carbohydrate and fat-rich foods early during the day so that you burn more energy during the day and during your gym workouts.


Fat Soluble Vitamins

Fat soluble vitamins viz. Vit A, D, E and K are very necessary for certain vital functions of the body. Consume them in adequate amounts so that your body remains healthy and efficient.


Drink Plenty Of Water

It is ideal for you to consume at-least 80 ounce of water each day. Water will expel all the toxins, excess sodium and other harmful substances from the body so that you remain fatigue-less during the day.


Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide for favorable and ideal nutrition to the body and help you to maintain your health while not gaining weight. Eat them in variety of colors so that you get ample of nutrition that is diverse and fulfilling in nature.
By including these dietary changes in your lifestyle you will be able to achieve ideal weight and flatter 6-pack abs soon. Have wholesome nutrition during the course and eat a well balanced diet so that you do not suffer from malnutrition and nutrient deficits.

Fruits and Vegetables